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You are
invited to join Shaugh Prior Primary School for RED NOSE DAY!


Shaugh Primary school are holding a fundraising afternoon at the School on Friday 24th March at 1.45pm -
Please go along for a coffee and cake sale!   If you feel like it please bake away and support this important charity event.
There will also be a mini-market in the ICT room where books, games and used school uniform can be purchased.
Donations can be left at the school office from Monday.

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Red Nose Day


Shaugh Prior Parish Council

Have your say - go along and make your comments count.

Register to vote in the local elections by 13 April

The next Devon County Council elections will take place on 4 May 2017. For the chance to have your say, you need to be registered to vote.

Don't throw away your chance to vote in the local elections. You can register online at GOV.UK – Register to vote or contact your local district council.

The deadline for registering to vote in these elections is 13 April 2017.

Love your vote – don’t lose it!

                                                          Shaugh Prior Parish Council

Neighbourhood Watch
Police Appeal for Information

Between 9th and 12th March Criminal damage has occurred at Ivybridge football club on Remington Road.  A plastic seat in the pavilion has been damaged by unknown means.  If you have any info please call please on 101 and quote CR/018350/17.

On Tuesday Officers from the Neighbourhood Team along with two response officers and 2 dog handlers, successfully executed a drugs warrant at an address in Ivybridge as part of Operation Venus.  Located was a small amount of white powder and a quantity of.  Two occupants were given canabis warnings, whilst a 3rd person will be interviewed regarding the white powder.

Bikers Riding on Moor

Police are working with National Trust and Sibelco Quarry team to put a stop to the motor-bikes riding illegally on the Moors.
CCTV is being used to ID the bikers.  Sibelco will apply to DVLA for details of the recorded registrations and the bike owners will receive Solicitor Letters.

Drakelands Mine
Low Frequency Noise update

Please find attached an update on several key issues in relation to low frequency noise.
Dear Resident

Following my update in December 2016, I would like to provide you with a update with regards to low frequency noise (LFN).
In my previous update I advised Wolf continues to work on options to reduce the generation of low frequency noise emitted from the operation.

Alternative mounts on one of the largest screens were installed in our planned maintenance shutdown in February 2017.  This was expected to alter the vibration transferring to the building structure and in turn reduce the emission of low frequency noise impact on some members of the local communities.
General Update
Unfortunately, despite all the technical improvements that have been put forward by our consultants and implemented over the past few months, it is clear that these have not been successful in minimising the impact of low frequency noise experienced in our local communities.

Wolf continues to investigate this matter in partnership with technical consultants, contractors and the Regulators.
During our quarterly Local Mine Liaison Meeting at the end of February, the representative from the Environment Agency asked Wolf to consider the assistance of and impartial mediator with regard to community engagement and the effects of low frequency noise.  I can confirm Wolf are currently exploring this and will provide an update in due course.

I would like to thank our communities for their continued feedback on the effects of low frequency noise experienced by some people.  Feedback can be provided direct to Annie Bent, Senior Community Relations Officer via email at
Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding this or any other operations at Drakelands Mine.  We can be contacted by telephone on 01752 393116 or via email at
Kind regards
Barnaby Hudson
Sustainability Manager
Wolf Minerals (UK) Ltd

Shaugh Prior Parish Council

Shaugh Prior Parish Council P.Office


The Wotter Post Office has officially moved to the Moorland Hotel!
We await official confirmation, but it looks like The Moorland Hotel  are the first and only Hotel in England to host a local Post Office.
Open Mondays and Thursdays from 10am until 12:15pm in the lounge at the Moorland Hotel.
So let us all support it.  Dont forget you can do Banking, get cash, get stamps, pensions and a host of other things.

Open Monday 6th March.

Other Local Post Offices Times:


Monday        1.00 - 4.30pm

Wednesday   9.30 - 2.00pm

Thursday      1.00 - 4.30pm


An arts, craft and food trail is launching in Dartmoor National Park this spring, featuring the region’s finest artists, makers and producers.

Focusing on artisans who are practising traditional Dartmoor skills and trades, this is a community project that is the first of its kind in the UK.

Blacksmiths, wood-turners, shoe-makers, weavers, potters and cider makers are among the artisans visitors will be able to meet.

The trail is attracting a great deal of local and national press, with features coming out shortly in The Daily Telegraph, Devon Life, The Moorlander, Dartmoor Magazine and South-West glossy, Manor Magazine.

A series of guided tours and walks visiting the artisans are planned for 2017, while a self-guided map, downloadable from the trail’s website, will allow independent visitors to pick and choose their own itineraries.

For further information follow the link..

Wotter Surgery Update: - Nurse Julie has sadly left the Surgery but will be replaced.

Community Market -
Shaugh Prior Village Hall - Saturday 11th March  10.00-1.00pm
Café, produce, Arts & Crafts....see events page.

Re: Surgery Prescriptions...
I have just had that there is a letter circulating from a Pharmaceutical Company to Residents in the Community.

The letter is sent using the General Post and not by electronic mail.  On first sight it may appear to have been connected to our Surgeries. 
However the Surgeries are not associated with them.

The Company, called A1 Pharmaceuticals Plc  are offering to take over your regular repeat prescription order on a regular basis, and deliver your medication by post.  Thus taking it out of the Surgeries control.  We assume this is a free service but have no confirmation as such.

We would just like you to be aware that our local Surgeries will continue as they always have done, to deal with your prescriptions.
Having the pharmacy at Wotter is a real bonus, and the parish fought hard to have the service made available in the first place.

It’s just a matter of clarifying, that for those of you who have received the letters, they are not connected to the Surgery.

Shaugh Prior Parish Council

Shaugh Players AGM will be held on March 15th. at The Moorland Hotel, Wotter at 7.30.p.m.
Shaugh Players are always pleased to have new members and would be delighted to welcome anyone who is interested.

The next production is to be Cinderella and will be performed at Lee Moor Hall on January 25th. 26th.and 27th. 2018.
Auditions for this will be held on Thursday May 11th. at Shaugh Hall,
Further details and audition pieces will be  publicised later.
And...CONGRATULATIONS to SHAUGH PLAYERS - This month representatives from the group are travelling to Bristol to collect an award from NODA for the 2016 production of Robinson Crusoe, and have received further nomination for another category.
For those who don’t see their role on the stage - go along and offer your services back-stage!

Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum

Leading on from last year’s efforts to reduce the animal road deaths on our local roads, a Forum has been set up to run a sustained campaign, to raise awareness of Livestock on our roads, and encourage better driving recognition and understanding where animals are concerned.
With the support of Police, Parish Council, Dartmoor Livestock Prevention Society, National Trust, and Dartmoor National Parks, the aim is to work towards educating drivers, promoting livestock awareness on roads, using more Police enforcement for speed restriction zones, and such like.
It does not stop with animals, as the dangerously high speeds achieved on the Lee Moor-Wotter Road poses a high risk to school children crossing to the bus stop by the Moorland.  Cars have been clocked at 50mph along this 30mph zone pretty regularly.  Many have had warnings and tickets from the Police during Community Speedwatch sessions.

It is a legal requirement if a car knocks down a sheep or any other livestock animal, to report it to the Police.  It is also required that the driver checks if the animal has been killed or is suffering.

Let us hope the death toll will be greatly reduced this year when everyone drives with MOOR care.

Next Meeting of Shaugh Prior Parish Council - Wed 5th April '17

This is a brief reminder that the next meeting of the Parish Council takes place on Weds. 5th April  at Shaugh Prior Village Hall at 7.30pm.  Public Welcome.

WOTTER SURGERY (Beacon Medical Group)

To all of you who use WOTTER SURGERY..

Just to clarify and update you ...

Open: MONDAYS 8.30am - 3.00pm : THURSDAYS 8.30am - 3.00pm.

Wotter Doctors
are: Mondays: Dr. Mercer. Thursdays : Dr. Claire Bruce.

Nurse: is on a Monday.
Sonia who is a Health Care Assistant is on a Thursday.

Appointments available from 8.40am - 11.30am Mon & Thurs.
Ring for Appointments - 01752 839312 or when closed 01752 346634 (Plympton Health Centre).

Collection of repeat prescriptions after 12.30pm where possible.
Home visit requests to be made before 11.30am where possible.

Out of Hours Doctors Number: 111 - Devon Doctors.

You can sign up for on-line services, but a photo is now required to set it up. (Pop into surgery to show photo).

Defibrillators are located at Lee Moor Public Hall,
Shaugh Prior Recreation Hall or
Outside Wotter Surgery

If you suspect a heart attack, Please call 999. The Operator will then provide you with the code required to access the defibrillator and assist you in its use.

Free and Impartial Energy Advice Drop in Sessions

The South Dartmoor Community Energy Advice Team is helping local people save energy and money in their homes. Bring your fuel bills to one of our next drop-in sessions to check you are on the best tariff and getting all the support you are entitled to. No hard sell, just free and impartial advice.

SDCE is keen to hold drop in sessions in Lee Moor, Wotter and Shaugh Prior and welcomes suggestions for suitable locations or events to attend.                    

Contact us on 0800 112 3044
Our Advice service is funded by the Big Energy Saving Network, Devon County. Council,
Devon Community Foundation and the Naturesave Trust.



Change of Local Bus Services

Following the County Council's review of supported bus service commitments, Devon County Council have approved changes to a number of bus services across the County which includes the no 59 service operated by Target Travel which currently serves this Parish. As from the 20th September 2015 the frequency of this service will reduce from 7 journeys per day to 4 and the new timetable as follows:

GEORGE JUNCTION Park & Ride  -  0930  1220  1520
SHAUGH PRIOR White Thorn Inn  0705  0948  1238  1538
WOTTER  0710  0953   1243   1543
LEE MOOR Clearview   0716   0959  1249  1549
PLYMOUTH Royal Parade  0808  1052   1342  1642 

For the return journey
PLYMOUTH Royal Parade A9   0811  1105   1405   1735
LEE MOOR Clearview   0859   1153  1453  1823
WOTTER  0904  1158   1458   1828
SHAUGH PRIOR White Thorn Inn  0909  1203  1503   1833
GEORGE JUNCTION Park and Ride  0924  1218   1518  1848

If you require further information then please contact

Ever thought about becoming a Parish Councillor?

Have you ever wanted to have a greater say on those local issues within our Parish which have the greatest impact upon local residents? Do you want to play an active role in helping to shape the future of your community for the better? Well now is your chance!

In addition to both General and District Elections, the elections that are due to be held on the 7th May 2015 also include election of Councillors to the Parish Council in Shaugh Prior and very shortly applications will be sought from those persons wishing to stand as a Parish Councillor.

Parish Councils depend on local people taking an interest in the local issues and matters that impact upon their community whatever their background and local people standing as Councillors often brings a wealth of knowledge and community understanding into the local council.

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor or know someone who may be keen but might just need some encouragement then please get in contact with the Parish Council Clerk by email ( or telephone number 01752 698305. Alternatively why not come along to one of our Parish Council meetings on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.   Venues published on this website under Council business.

Devon Mobile Library Dates for 2017

The dates upon which the Devon Mobile Library will visit the Parish of Shaugh Prior from Jan 2017 have now been published and are as follows:-

 Jan 27
 Feb 24 Mar 24 Apr 21
 May 19
 Jun 16 Jul 14 Aug 11
 Sep 08
 Oct 06 Nov 03 Dec 01

The arrival and departure times are the same as the current arrangements which are as follows:-

Shaugh Prior Primary School: arrive 09.45 - depart 10.15

White Thorn Inn: arrive 10.20 - depart 10.50

Lee Moor: arrive 11.05 - depart 11.35

Shaugh Prior Parish Council neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch -

Contacting Police – did you know that you can email the police so instead of using the 101 telephone number…you can use

The crime report   :   NONE for February !  Very Pleasing.

But for your Information;

Single traffic collision on 11th - driver fine and no offences.
Two reports of boy racers, 18th and 27th, both cars but no details obtained - officers attended location but the vehicles had gone.

No scrambler reports either, although I am sure there has been some sightings. Police have a meeting with the Quarries on 9th March to discuss on-going situation/progress.

If you capture on camera off road bikers on the moor, please let us have the Reg No.  But please do not put yourselves in danger.

I have made a request to the Police to inform Quarry Drivers to reduce their speed and drive with MOOR the ‘In-Lamb’ sheep will be about and soon the Spring Lambs will be all over the roads.

If you capture on camera or dash-cam any speeding vehicles please let us know.  But please keep safe!

New Facebook Group “ Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum” has been formed which has information on livestock and livestock deaths on the moors.
Please go ahead and take a look.  We need your support.

Wotter Post Office Update:  - Although BT and Post Office Services are facing certain technical issues with the relocation to The Moorland Hotel, there is a possibility that a trial will prove positive, and there is an outside possibility that it could be up and running in a week or so.   This Shaugh Parish Website and Neighbourhood Post will endeavour to keep you updated.

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Meeting:  Wednesday 1st March (tonight) at Lee Moor Hall (Committee Room) at 7.30pm  Public welcome.

Wotter Surgery:  I am sure you will be sorry to know that Nurse Julie is no longer working at the Surgery.  She will missed by us all.  Unfortunately the Practise Manager from Ridgeway did not feel inclined to talk to me on the matter,  and did not feel they had to comment on the changes they are bringing about.  However It is my understanding that other Nurses will be taking her place and require further training.
I think it is a shame that Beacon Medical Group find it difficult to share the information with the Community, whom they are here to give a service too.  I am sure we all wish Julie the best of luck, and maybe she is as shocked as we are at her departure.

Make nuisance calls a thing of the past with the new BT Call Protect
Are you tired of nuisance phone calls? BT has launched a new free service to all its landline customers to block nuisance phone calls.

BT Call Protect is a call diverting service to prevent nuisance calls and is available for free to all existing and new BT home landline customers.

The service is the first of its kind in the UK and it could see up to 30 million nuisance calls a week (half of these coming from personal accident claims and PPI companies alone) automatically diverted before they reach customers.

To activate the free service call 0800 389 1572 from your BT landline or sign up via BT's Call Protect webpage:

Once you sign up, it can take up to 24 hours for Call Protect to start working. How does it work:

BT Blacklist.  BT continually monitor for the worst nuisance call offenders and once they identify them, will automatically divert them for you.  The service is turned on by default when you get BT Call Protect/

Personal Blacklist.  You can also create your own blacklist of up to 100 numbers, including the last call you received, by dialling 1572 or by going online.  Future calls from those numbers will divert to your junk voicemail box and if BT sees that lots of customers are adding the same number to their personal blacklists, they will add it to the BT blacklist

You can automatically block certain types of caller.  Call Protect also allows you to divert particular types of calls:  those from international, withheld and unrecognised numbers.

In all three cases, nuisance calls will be directed straight to a junk voicemail box (completely separate from your regular answerphone) so your phone wont ring at all, and diverted callers will instead be directed to leave a message.

You can dial 1572 at any time to check the junk voicemail box for any messages the callers have left.
For more Information go to:

Cyber Security:  Based on expert advice from the National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ, Cyber Aware recommends two really simple steps to help protect ourselves.  While small the can make a BIG difference:

Think Random and use three random words to create a strong password.  A weak password can allow hackers to use your email to gain access to many of your personal accounts, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud.

Always download the latest software and app updates.  They’re not just about aesthetics, they contain vital security updates which help protect your devices from hackers and viruses.

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