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14th July - Shaugh School Summer Fayre!

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Shaugh School Summer Fete

at  Shaugh Prior Primary School

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Summer Fayre

Please note a very important date - Friday 14th July - the first Shaugh School Summer Fayre.
from 4-6.30pm.  Please ccontact Vicky Dann (07970 596171) if you would like to hire a stall for £10 or if you know anyone who might like to do so. 

Sale of The White Thorn Inn - Shaugh Prior
There is confirmation now that the White Thorn has been sold to Mike and Olivia of 'Mad Dog Macrae (a Plymouth Folk Band). They have often played at the venue.  The pub is hoped to reopen in a couple of months.

Shaugh Prior Parish Meeting -  No August Meeting.
The next meeting of the Parish Council is Wednesday 6th September at 7.30 pm.
at Shaugh Prior Recreational Hall.  Public Welcome

Shaugh Prior Parish Council South Hams District Council

Just as this new Anti-Fly-Tipping Campaign is launched, we have this load of rubbish deposited on our doorstep.
At the car park near Blacksmith's pond..(turn right just before Cadover Bridge and continue to end.  Car park on right.

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Fly-Tipping at Cadover

Campaign Launched to Combat Fly-Tipping

This is a two pronged campaign against fly-tipping. The first key message is directed at householders, and asks residents to beware of potential fly-tippers. The campaign asks residents to find registered carriers to take away their waste. The easiest way for residents to do this is by visiting www.southhams.gov.uk/wastecarriers and check whether the person or business being employed is registered with the Environment Agency.

The second approach is letting people know that the Council  is watching fly-tipping hot spots.

                                                 Shaugh Prior Parish Council Fly Tipping image

South Hams District Council has launched a new campaign against those who dump household waste across the District.

The Council is upping its surveillance of areas where fly-tipping is a major issue, and rolling out the campaign across the District, alerting would-be fly-tippers that hot spot areas are being watched. 

Last year, the Council dealt with over 650 fly-tipping incidents, leaving the tax payer with a clean-up bill of just over £37,000*.

Incidents ranged from major fly-tips of industrial waste on country lanes, to the dumping of household items such as fridges.

Another key aim of the campaign is to alert residents of what to look out for when hiring someone to collect waste. Residents have a duty of care to dispose of their waste responsibly, even when paying for a company to take away their waste.

If residents need someone to take away household rubbish like old washing machines, they need to be aware of whether the waste carrier is registered and make sure that they are licensed. 

The easiest way to do this is to visit www.southhams.gov.uk/wastecarriers and check whether the person or business being employed are registered, and will therefore dispose of waste responsibly and not dump it on our beautiful landscape.

Cllr Rufus Gilbert, Portfolio Holder for Commercial Services, said: “We have had enough of those who dump rubbish across the District without a care for the beautiful area we live in. Some areas are particularly prone to fly-tipping and this is where we are focusing our efforts.

“We are also making a plea to residents to be more cautious when it comes to hiring someone to take away their rubbish. Please take a look at the register and see if the business you are using is licensed to take away waste. It’s also worth looking at our bulky waste collection service, visiting your local recycling centre or seeing whether local charities will take away furniture free of charge.”

Cllr Daniel Brown, Ward Member for Wembury and Brixton, said: “It is high time fly-tippers were made aware that we won’t tolerate the dumping of waste across the countryside. Brixton and Wembury are particularly targeted by fly-tippers and I’m really pleased that the campaign will be starting in this Ward."

No More Old Pound Coins
From 1 July the parking machines in South Hams District Council car parks will no longer be able to accept the old £1 coins. Customers will still be able to pay by cash using the new coins or by phone through Ringo.

Cllr Rufus Gilbert, Executive Portfolio Holder for Commercial Services from South Hams District Councils said: "I am sorry for any temporary inconvenience this may cause, whilst the last of the old £1.00 coins are taken out of distribution. Hopefully everybody will have one to two new coins in their pocket. The machines still accept £2.00 coins for those staying a little longer."

Cartons can now be Recycled in Blue Sack Collections.

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Recycle Cartons Collection

The frustration we have all felt when we finish a juice or milk carton and can't put it in our recycling bags, has now come to an end.

From now on, South Hams residents can recycle the coated food and drink cartons in their blue recycling sacks.
This will be welcomed by many residents, who until now, could only take this kind of packaging to recycling banks and recycling centres.

"This is a major milestone for recycling in the South Hams. Residents already recycle a lot of cartons at recycling banks and this will enable residents to recycle at home as well.
"When recycling coated cartons, it just takes two easy steps. First, rinse and squash the carton then pop them straight into the blue sack. Caps can be left on, because these are removed during the recycling process.”

Cartons collected go to the carton recycling plant in Halifax. The process takes advantage of the strength and quality of the wood fibres found in cartons by turning them into industrial-strength cardboard. This is then made into 100% recycled tubes and cores which are used as centres for wrapping products such as cabling, plastic film and wrapping paper.

Drakelands Mine
Low Frequency Noise Presentation

Wednesday 12 July 2017 at 7pm   -    Sparkwell Parish Hall


Drakelands Mine: Investigation of Low Frequency
Vibration Infrasound and Strategies for Mitigation

Gordon Breeze is a Principal Consultant with the Building Technology Group of BRE (www.bre.co.uk/)  and is retained by Wolf Minerals (UK) Ltd.

He is one of the team of independent engineering experts working on investigating and mitigating the emissions of low frequency noise (LFN, also known as ‘infrasound’) from the processing building at Drakelands Mine.

He will explain how understanding of this complex problem has evolved over the last 22 months (both at the source and in relation to the impact on residents who are affected by it), the actions that have been taken so far (and their effectiveness) and the modifications that are planned to the processing plant in the current action plan approved by the Environment Agency.

There will be ample opportunity to ask questions, and senior representatives from Wolf and the Regulators will be present to hear what is said.
Contact details for Wolf and the bodies that regulate operations at Drakelands Mine are listed at www.dm-community.co.uk/contact/

The Environment Agency is carrying out its own investigation to gather evidence of the impact of LFN on the community to supplement monitoring already undertaken by Wolf. The EA is extremely grateful to the residents who have been in contact and have already agreed to take part in the monitoring exercise. This monitoring will be ongoing over the next few weeks. If you wish to find out more please contact the EA: DCISEnquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk.

Please note that, whilst it is valuable for the EA to know where the impacts are being experienced and their severity, it will not be necessary to monitor in every affected household – a representative sample is what is sought.

If you do need to report incidents to the EA please call: 0800 807060.

If you do not use email, or prefer not to, Ruth Allington of GWP Consultants LLP would be happy to take your details over the phone or receive them by post and pass them on. She will not pass your information to Wolf Minerals or any other third party. She can be contacted at Upton House, Market Street, Charlbury, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 3PJ, 01608 810374 or 07771 782524. Ruth would also be happy to talk to you confidentially on the phone or arrange to visit you if you would like any further information or explanation about LFN and its effects.

Drakelands Mine
Planned Process Plant Maintenance shutdown

Dear Resident

Planned Process Plant Shutdowns for Maintenance
I am pleased to be able to provide some information about the programme for when we plan to shut down the process plant for maintenance next week.
In preparing the plant for a shutdown during  the ‘Commence Plant Shutdown’ stage there are a number of operational activities that must take place before maintenance personnel can commence work.
These include: running down internal storage levels, shutting down the plant equipment sequentially, washing and cleaning equipment, inspections and sequential isolation of equipment. Only after all these activities have been completed can maintenance works commence.
During this shutdown the area including the Reduction Kiln, drying and bagging equipment will run throughout this shutdown, although this area is not considered to be a ‘noisy area’ or one that is observed to emit low frequency noise.

Planned Maintenance Shutdown Schedule – Commencing Monday 10 July 2017
(please note that the start date can change due to shift patterns)

Dayshift – 7am-7pm and Nightshift – 7pm-7am
·         Monday Dayshift – Process Plant Fully Operational
·         Monday Nightshift - Commence Process Plant shutdown from approximately 10pm
·         Tuesday Dayshift - Process Plant shut down for maintenance
·         Tuesday Nightshift - Process Plant shut down for maintenance
·         Wednesday Dayshift - Process Plant shut down for maintenance
·         Wednesday Nightshift - Process Plant shut down for maintenance
·         Thursday Dayshift - Process Plant shut down for maintenance
·         Thursday Nightshift – Commence Process Plant start-up
·         Friday Dayshift – Process Plant Fully Operational

With regards to the effects of low frequency noise within our local communities, we welcome your feedback in relation to your experiences during the shutdown process, maintenance period and start-up process as detailed above.
You can contact Annie Bent, Senior Community Relations Officer on the information below, or if you would prefer to contact Ruth Allington from GWP in confidence, Ruth can be contacted on 07771 782524 or via email rutha@gwp.uk.com.
I hope that this information will be welcome to you, however if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Annie Bent, Senior Community Relations Officer on 01752 393201, via email abent@wolfminerals.com or in writing at the postal address above.

Kind regards                                                                                                                                         
Barnaby Hudson
Sustainability Manager,
Wolf Minerals (UK) Ltd

Free and Impartial Energy Advice Drop in Sessions

Community Energy Revolution Public presentation evening, 5th July

To celebrate Community Energy Fortnight, South Dartmoor Community Energy (SDCE) invites you to join them on the 5th July, from 7-8.30pm in Ivybridge Library for an introduction into the community energy revolution that’s happening all around us.

Community Energy Groups across the South Hams are actively helping residents to engage in energy generation projects, as well as helping them to save energy and money in their homes. Their work takes place against a challenging political backdrop and within a complex energy sector that’s currently dominated by big players.

The evening will include presentations from sector specialists Regen Southwest, Plymouth Energy Community and SDCE and will explain how communities are taking control of local generation and reaping the benefits of doing so. Community share offers will be explained, there will be a question and answer session and a chance to put forward your thoughts on local opportunities for renewable energy projects.

Other local community energy groups such as Yealm Community Energy will also be present, so please come along and be part of the revolution.

The event is free to attend but please book your place by e-mailing Katie@southdartmoorcommunityenergy.org or calling 0800 112 3044. For more information on SDCE please visit www.southdartmoorcommunityenergy.org

The South Dartmoor Community Energy Advice Team is helping local people save energy and money in their homes.
They are offering free and impartial energy advice to anyone who needs it, and can provide talks to community groups and stalls at summer fetes. 

SDCE is keen to hold drop in sessions in Lee Moor, Wotter and Shaugh Prior and welcomes suggestions for suitable locations or events to attend.  

Contact us on 0800 112 3044  
Our Advice service is funded by the Big Energy Saving Network, Devon County. Council,
Devon Community Foundation and the Naturesave Trust.

Doctor at Wotter Surgery:

Dr Perrett is only based at Wotter, for the Wotter patients and will work from Wotter on Mondays and Thursdays, enabling patients to book their appointments with the same doctor.
Wotter surgery is open for all appointments, prescriptions, results and medical queries between 8.15am and 3pm. Patients registered at the Wotter Surgery will be able to book appointments in clinics on Mondays and Thursday between 8.15am and 11.30am.

For urgent medical advice or appointments on the days Wotter is closed, the access surgery will be Plympton Health Centre. This centre is open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm with extended closing times operating on Mondays, 8pm and Thursdays 8.30pm.

Patients will be able to collect their medication and prescriptions from Wotter practice after 12.30pm, and can continue to access a GP appointment at any of our surgeries.

We hope that these changes will improve the continuity of service our Wotter patients receive.
For more information, or to discuss, contact Liz Hutchins - Operations Manager."
Beaconmedicalgroup@nhs.net or 01752 348884

Nurse available on alternate Mondays.
Health Care Assistant on alternate Thursdays

So when there is no practicing Nurse, on a Monday, there will be a Health care Assistant Nurse on a Thursday
and vica versa.

Out of Hours Doctors Number: 111 - Devon Doctors.

You can sign up for on-line services, but a photo is now required to set it up. (Pop into surgery to show photo).

Defibrillators are located at Lee Moor Public Hall,
Shaugh Prior Recreation Hall or
Outside Wotter Surgery

If you suspect a heart attack, Please call 999. The
Operator will then provide you with the code required to access the defibrillator and assist you in its use.

Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum

Police and partners tackle Dartmoor driving offences.

On Saturday 24 June, a large scale Special Constabulary led policing operation took place on Dartmoor National Park to help combat the causes of fatal and serious injury collisions, to help promote road safety by delivering ‘The Honest Truth’ campaign, and to proactively disrupt criminality.

As part of the Operational Alliance with Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Police with support from Dartmoor National Park, Trading Standards, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, and HMRC Road Fuels Team have conducted Operation Granite to combat the ‘fatal five’ which is excess speed, distraction, not wearing seatbelts, careless and inconsiderate driving, and impairment whether through drink or drugs.

Chief Superintendent Andy Turner from the Special Constabulary, said: “With support from the Dartmoor National Park Ranger, our resources, including members of the Safety Camera Partnership, were across Dartmoor to directly combat road offences in the area. We are here to stop and process vehicle users, both drivers and passengers who are breaking the law on our roads. All speeding misdemeanours will be enforced and could see those who break the law in court.

“There is also a number of incidents within Dartmoor National Park where vehicles collide with livestock and we believe many of these could be avoided, so we are also here to educate drivers and encourage safe and slower driving throughout this picturesque area that attracts so many visitors throughout the year.”

To help educate the public on the dangers of speeding and unsafe driving practices, the Princetown visitor centre was also used to host stands from a number of partners including ‘The Honest Truth’ Road Safety campaign, plus a driving simulator to help educate the public on the dangers of excess speed.

Chief Supt Turner, continued: “Operation Granite has proved itself to be a very effective tool for improving road safety. It also gives us the opportunity to educate road users about unacceptable driving behaviours.”

Ivybridge Police and the Community Speedwatch team will be continuing with road checks this month.
Speeds are being monitored and sent to Highways Neighbourhood Team in an effort to introduce traffic calming systems in the area.
The Dartmoor Speedwatch team would like us to thank all local residents and drivers for their help in reducing overall speeds on these roads.
Please continue to drive carefully and set an example.

Update: 4th July... To date, 39 sheep and lambs, and 10 ponies have been killed over Dartmoor.

Total Sheep and Lambs death tally  (On local roads from Lee Moor to Cadover) : 17 sheep.

Please Drive with Moor Care and set an example.

See much more on facebook -  Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum

Shaugh Prior Parish Council P.Office


Open Mondays and Thursdays from 10am until 12:15pm in the lounge at the Moorland Hotel.
So let us all support it.  Dont forget you can do Banking, get cash, get stamps, pensions and ....

You can withdraw money, pay bills, pay in cheques with a paying-in slip, top up mobile phones, top up gas and electric metres, as well as all the other valuable Postal Services which the Post Office provides.

Other Local Post Offices Times:


Monday        1.00 - 4.30pm

Wednesday   9.30 - 2.00pm

Thursday      1.00 - 4.30pm


Change of Local Bus Services

Following the County Council's review of supported bus service commitments, Devon County Council have approved changes to a number of bus services across the County which includes the no 59 service operated by Target Travel which currently serves this Parish. As from the 20th September 2015 the frequency of this service will reduce from 7 journeys per day to 4 and the new timetable as follows:

GEORGE JUNCTION Park & Ride  -  0930  1220  1520
SHAUGH PRIOR White Thorn Inn  0705  0948  1238  1538
WOTTER  0710  0953   1243   1543
LEE MOOR Clearview   0716   0959  1249  1549
PLYMOUTH Royal Parade  0808  1052   1342  1642 

For the return journey
PLYMOUTH Royal Parade A9   0811  1105   1405   1735
LEE MOOR Clearview   0859   1153  1453  1823
WOTTER  0904  1158   1458   1828
SHAUGH PRIOR White Thorn Inn  0909  1203  1503   1833
GEORGE JUNCTION Park and Ride  0924  1218   1518  1848

If you require further information then please contact devonbus@devon.gov.uk

Devon Mobile Library Dates for 2017

The dates upon which the Devon Mobile Library will visit the Parish of Shaugh Prior from Jan 2017 have now been published and are as follows:-

 Jan 27
 Feb 24 Mar 24 Apr 21
 May 19
 Jun 16 Jul 14 Aug 11
 Sep 08
 Oct 06 Nov 03 Dec 01

The arrival and departure times are the same as the current arrangements which are as follows:-

Shaugh Prior Primary School: arrive 09.45 - depart 10.15

White Thorn Inn: arrive 10.20 - depart 10.50

Lee Moor: arrive 11.05 - depart 11.35

Shaugh Prior Parish Council neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch -  Local Crime Report for June '17

A couple of incidents at Yelverton.....

The Boutique ‘Beau’ at ‘Leg o’ Mutton’ had a robbery whereby items of jewellery and clothing were taken. 
Allegedly some female Irish Gypsies had entered when the shop was open, and made away with several items.
Police were called and they have the Registration of their car complete with photo.
Anybody knowing anything helpful regarding this incident should contact Tavistock Police Station, or email 101@dc.police.uk or call 101.

Also in Yelverton..

Police were called to Rockin Bikes in Yelverton on Sunday 2 July to reports of a high value burglary.
Offenders broke through rear basement doors to the bike store on Harrowbeer Mews and took approximately £21,000 worth of bicycles. The offenders escaped with the bikes using a Ford Transit van.

The Transit van was later located in Horrabridge by police and all items were recovered in the van.

DC Mike Lugger said: “We are specifically appealing to anyone who has seen a long wheel based white Ford Transit van with the registration of


“The van is believed to have come from out of the Force area and has no registered owners and is uninsured.

“We are asking for information as to the movements of the vehicle and would like to hear from anyone with any information to assist with our ongoing enquiries.”

Anyone who can assist is asked to contact police via 101@dc.police.uk or by telephone on 101, quoting crime reference CR/053248/17.

Information can be passed anonymously to Crimestoppers via 0800 555111 or the charity’s website at www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Rogue Traders...

We have received preliminary reports a possible rogue trader may be selling mattresses from a van in Devon.
If you are approached and offered goods, we recommend you decline the opportunity to purchase, as the items may be unsafe and not meet required safety standards.

If you wish to buy such items then use reputable businesses who provide paperwork including a legitimate address and come recommended, either by friends or via www.buywithconfidence.gov.

Contacting Police – did you know that you can email the police so instead of using the 101 telephone number…you can use  101@dc.police.uk 

"Devon and Cornwall Police would like to encourage the public to go online and use the range of ways to find answers to their questions about policing matters or to report non-urgent or non-emergency crime. The 101 telephone line remains available for those who would prefer to use it.
All of the methods that can be used to contact the police in non-emergency situations - asking a question, reporting a crime that has already happened and providing information about a crime or in response to an appeal - can be accessed from the Force website: dc.police.uk/ClickB4UCall.

Anti-terrorist hotline - Call 0800 789 321 - Your call could save lives
Communities across our Force area are being urged to remain calm but alert following terror attacks in London on Saturday 3rd June.  The threat level remains the same at 'severe' and Police continue to monitor the intelligence picture and keep all policing under review to ensure the appropriate security is in place.  Police would like to reassure the public that there is no intelligence or information that suggests a specific risk to Devon, Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly.   We would urge people to keep alert, but not alarmed, and if anyone sees anything suspicious relating to terrorism, they can report this to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 or 999 in an emergency.

Neighbourhood Team...
Sgt. Andrew Woodward,  .
Neighbourhood Beat Manager : PC 6350 Tamsyn DIngley
Neighbourhood Team Leader : Sgt 3109 Woodward
Neighbourhood Inspector : Insp. Tapley

Useful Numbers
Devon & Cornwall Police 08452 777444
Crimestoppers 0800 555111
Dont hesitate to ring 999 if immediate assistance is necessary.

If you have anything to share with us, or you know of something we should be talking about, let us know..
That’s all for now, take Moor Care,
Julia - 07862 237389

New Facebook Group “ Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum” has been formed which has information on livestock and livestock deaths on the moors.
Please go ahead and take a look.  They need your support.