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Latest Parish News and Information

Parish Defibrillators:

There are three Parish Defibrillators for medical emergencies.
Each village has one installed and they are checked and monitored regularly by our Parish Councillors.

Wotter - on the wall outside the Surgery in Wotter Village.  (Next to the old Methodist Hall)
Shaugh - on the wall of the Parish Hall
Lee Moor - on the wall of the Parish Hall.

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Meeting -
The next meeting of the Parish Council is Wednesday 6th December starts at 7.30pm.
at LEE MOOR PUBLIC HALL  Public Welcome





ORDER 2018


Notice is hereby given that Devon County Council has made the above titled order

FROM :      TUESDAY 18 DECEMBER 2018  for maximum of 18 months.

No person shall cause or permit any vehicle to proceed or wait on the sections of Affected Roads.

All roads will be closed for between 1 and 3 days within the road closure period.  It is anticipated that the closures will be on consecutive days.

Advanced warning sign for the road closure will be placed on site at least 7 days before the planned commencement of work at each location.

This temporary restriction is considered necessary to enable :


for additional information contact Devon County Council Telephone 01392 380188  Ref: TTRO1827999

Roads affecting Shaugh Parish are:   Lane past Portworthy, Lee Moor, Brag Lane, Shaugh. Bowling Green, Shaugh, Collard Lane Wotter,  Road from Bottle Hill to Drakelands, Drakelands


Shaugh Prior Commoners' Association

NOTICE is hereby given that the AGM of Shaugh Prior Commoners' Association

will be held at THE MOORLAND HOTEL,  WOTTER,

on Thursday 31st January 2019

All are welcome.




Carols in the Pub - Friday 21st December - 7:30pm

Carols by Candlelight at St Edwards Church is Sunday 16th December at 6:30pm

Christingle at St Edwards Church - Christmas Eve - 3:00pm

Christmas Day Mass at St Edwards Church - 10:00am

Shaugh Players are Pleased to Present this Season's PANTO !



24th Jan - 7.30pm

25th Jan - 7.30pm  

26th Jan (2:00pm mat) & 7.30pm

Shaugh Prior Parish Council

Tickets £9.00 (children/seniors £6.00 Sat mat only)

10 Tickets for £60 Thursday only

Tickets available from Nina Squires 01752 839 365


On 10th October Wolf Minerals Ltd ceased trading.

It has come as real shock to the community that the Mine at Hemerdon has closed.

"The Company has been unable to satisfactorily conclude its discussions with its key financial stakeholders and therefore is not in a position to meet its short term working capital requirements in order to continue operations at its Drakelands open pit mine. Consequently, the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Wolf Minerals (UK) Limited, has ceased trading effective immediately.
The Board of the Company has resolved that Martin Jones and Ryan Eagle of Ferrier Hodgson be appointed as voluntary administrators of the Company".

We would like to state how sorry we are to hear the news.  Our thanks especially go to Elaine Budd, the Cmmunity Relations Manager, who worked on behalf of Wolf to make a real difference to the neighbouring communities, and was so supportive to local projects.  Elaine worked tirelessly to that effect.  We wish her all the very best for the future, and hope that she will be able to join us at local functions in the future where she will be welcomed.


The Parish Council are looking into the problems residents of the Villages are experiencing in obtaining Superfast and a better Internet Connection.

Here is an update from the last meeting on 3rd October.

"Firstly can I start by thanking all of those people who took the time to respond to the request for information on any broadband issues they were experiencing? This was extremely helpful in highlighting the issues to Matt Barrow of Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS).

Matt was present at the October PC meeting and gave a brief presentation. He confirmed that whilst some of Shaugh Prior was included within Phase 1 of the superfast broadband roll-out (which was fibre to premise), the areas of Wotter and Lee Moor could not be included due to the line distance between the cabinet (which is located at Beatland Cross) and the majority of the properties. Therefore Wotter and Lee Moor would come under Phase 2 which is being implemented by Airband and which relies upon line of sight. Around 15-20% of all properties in Devon and Somerset would not be covered under Phase 1.

Matt did mention that there were lots of data system errors on the part of BT and they are currently working through those errors (many of these data errors are as a result of historical data entries dating back to the 1970’s and 80’s). Those errors are behind the issues highlighted where a neighbouring property has broadband but the property next door has been told by BT that they cannot get it. If you consider that there is an obvious data error then Matt suggested you drop him an email at:

If there are groups of 3 or more properties together wanting to get Broadband then there is the option of the BT Community Fibre Partnership to provide improved fibre cabling from the cabinet to the premise. The cost can vary between £2k and £10k (depending on distance) but under the Local Full Fibre Network Scheme grants can be obtained to help towards these costs – if it’s less than £3k then it could be funded fully by grants.

Moving forward Matt suggested that properties wishing to secure broadband should in the first instance speak to Airband – 01905 676121 or
The majority of the properties in Wotter and Lee Moor should be able to get superfast broadband via Airband. He also confirmed that further option was to use the voucher scheme to get a 4g aerial mounted on your property which can then be used to get broadband to the property (this is a good option for more remote properties). This is a good ‘quick fix’ option. Further information on the CDS voucher scheme for Phase 2 will be going out in the next few months. The website address is:

Finally Matt did mention that a clawback scheme was in operation with BT so that a proportion of their profits go back to CDS to then be reinvested into areas in Devon and Somerset where fibre to the premise has not been provided. This money would be used to upgrade the cabling infrastructure to allow fibre to the premise to be realised. Matt confirmed that several areas have been identified in the two counties including Wotter and Lee Moor".

Please take part in our broadband digital user survey

Network image

As Connecting Devon and Somerset continues its work to improve broadband services across our counties, we are keen to get an updated picture of where we are.

Where communities have benefited from new superfast broadband, what impact has this had? In communities yet to feel the effects of superfast, what are they able to do with the service they do receive and what would they like to do?

We have developed a survey to capture people's broadband needs and compare whether these needs are met by the service they receive. The survey is open to all residents and businesses within Devon and Somerset and in addition to capturing the impact from the new infrastructure, it will help us identify the broadband needs across our counties and the data will influence our future Digital Strategy.

Our Broadband User Survey asks questions about currently available speeds, what homes or businesses can and cannot do with their existing broadband and the levels of satisfaction with their provider. The survey typically takes about five minutes to complete online and can be found at

We are keen for the survey to be completed by as many local residents and businesses as possible and to this end we are asking local parishes and authorities to help promote the survey and bring it to the awareness of their local communities.

What we would like you to do.

We would appreciate you sharing this email and survey link with as many people, groups and businesses as you are able to so that we can get as many surveys back as possible and make the findings robust and representative.

The Dartmoor Access Forum held a meeting on 6th Nov. '18.

1.  They report the good news that Otters have recently been seen in most rivers on Dartmoor.
2.  There was a suggestion that some upper reaches of the Dart should become an SSSI, (Site of special scientific Interest), because of the biodiversity.

3.  Following complaints that Footpath signage on the moor is looking shabby, it was explained that this was due the costs and reduced funding.

    Now the signs are being made in-house cost have been reduced. Walkers complained that Footpath destinations were not written on the posts any more.

    This could now be rectified as the renewal scheme progresses.

Update on Apple Day at Shaugh Prior  October 20th  🍏🍎
A well-enjoyed beautiful Autumn Day brought families and friends together at the Community Hall.
Competitions, Tombola, Morris Dancing, Bands and Barn Dance made for a great day.
Everyone loved the Apple Pressing where your own apples were turned into delicious Apple Juice.



Please Note : the Recycling Bottle Bank is back at the Moorland Hotel.

It's behind the big brown fence just right of the front door.  The Community are very welcome to use it.
Access is available during the day but they would ask you not to use the bottle bank at night.  It is noisy, and there are two big dogs roaming that area at night!
So feel free to come and use it to recycle all your glass bottles.

Did you know that  Avon products can be order through Tish at the Hotel.

POST OFFICE - is on Monday and Thursday mornings in the lounge of the Moorland Hotel.
You can pay bills, withdraw cash, and use all the P.O facilities.

Restaurant:  call to book 01752 839228

The proposed merger of Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police.
by the commissioner........

Many of you will have seen in the news or online that Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police are looking into the possibility of merging to become one police force by 2020.
My team and I are out and about across our two counties, meeting lots of people and hearing your views about the proposal.

At the moment I am in listening mode - I'm waiting to hear exactly what a merger could deliver and whether the public would support it or not before I make a decision.

I am aware of the time and effort that can go into making a merger work and this one of my considerations in the decision.
I need to be sure that a merger would deliver a significant number of additional officers and a better service to our communities before I will support it.

I want to be absolutely clear that no decision has been made yet and your views will be vital in deciding if the proposal will go ahead.
This is why we want to hear from as many of you as possible so please make your voice heard by completing the online survey at
If you would like a paper copy please call my office on 01392 225555 to request a paper copy with a returns envelope.

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Owl Fly Tipping Poster

Plymouth & South West Devon Joint Local Plan

What is this consultation about?
Plymouth City Council (PCC), South Hams District Council (SHDC) and West Devon Borough Council (WDBC) submitted the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan (JLP) to the Secretary of State on 31 July 2017. From January to March 2018 the public examination of the JLP took place.

Since the hearings closed we have received an Interim Note from the Inspectors that identifies changes which need to be made to the plan. These are called Main Modifications (MMs). These Main Modifications, along with any necessary sustainability appraisal work, needs to be consulted on before the Inspectors can reach their conclusions.

Click on the link below for more information: Plan

USE YOUR DEVICES TO CONTACT THE COUNCIL (South Ham and West Devon Councils).

Shaugh Prior Parish Council

South Hams and West Devon Councils remind us all that nearly everything you need to contact the council about can be done on a mobile phone or tablet using their websites.

"Our customers can now apply for benefits, pay their council tax, even send us pictures of their key documents as evidence, all with their phones. They no longer need to scan documents in or bring them to us at the council. Just take a picture and load them onto the forms, just like they would upload a picture to Facebook or Instagram."

"We want to make it as simple as possible for our customers to be able to send us information from the devices that they use everyday.

they do not need to phone or visit the council, just go on the internet on their mobile phones or tablets and use the council's websites."

So next time you want to contact the council, don't call the council, use your phone or tablet!  It will be like having the council in your pocket.

To all Land Owners, and House Owners of land adjacent to Shaugh Common

From Shaugh Prior Commoners' Association

This is a Reminder that it is your Legal Responsibility to keep Moorland Livestock out of your land.

So please check and keep your boundary walls and fences in good condition, and ensure you keep all gates closed if you don?t want uninvited guests.

We are sure you all know this, but we do have occasional problems!

Neighbourhood Watch Wotter, Shaugh Prior and Lee Moor :

Report an injured animal
Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society: 07873 587561

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Police logo a


October 2019

·      07/10/2018 - Person in charge of a Dog worrying Livestock – Under Investigation.

·      03/10/2018 – 08/10/2018 – Theft of a Motor Vehicle – Investigated, no suspect identified.

·      18/10/2018 – Dog not under control – Complaint only – Under Investigation.

·      26/10/2018 – Use threatening/ abusive/ insulting words/ behaviour with intent to cause fear or /provoke unlawful violence – Under Investigation. 

·      25/10/2018 – 26/10/2018 – Theft of conveyance other than motor vehicle or pedal cycle.  – Under Investigation.  




1.    New road issues – We have been patrolling the area as much as practicable. We have not stopped anyone at present as everyone has been within the parameters of the speed limit.


2.    Wolf Minerals – We are aware of the closure of the company and the detrimental affect it has had on the local community. We have conducted regular checks at the sight and made sure that safeguarding is in place for the company and local community.


3.    Illegal Rave – We have completed all safety procedures regarding the rave. We liaised with the Quarry on securing the sight and creating a policy if it was to happen in the future. We managed the site and moved them on as quickly as possible. We have a duty of care and due to the individuals involved being heavily intoxicated we had to manage safety as well as the location. We have recorded Vehicle registrations and will advise local residents to report straight away if they suspect a similar incident may be occurring in the future. We can then try to prevent rather than manage.


4.    Speeding – Speed watch team looking to conduct a speed watch in next few weeks. Patrols have been conducted and not only moving animals out of the road cars have been warned about speed. Social media information passed regarding regular patrols and information on animal safety.


5.    PC Dingley is currently on an attachment until Monday 10th December. I am PC 5890 Holly Lynch, who will be covering for the time being, I will be in post until 12th November. I can be contacted via email,

Please direct the requests for Police crime reports to me for the months of September, October & November.

( Direct dial: 07595 011193) 

November Crimes - NIL

Protect Yourself

Your bank or the police will never:
- Phone and ask you for your PIN or full banking password.
- Ask you to withdraw money to hand over to them for safe-keeping, or send someone to your home to collect cash, PIN, cards or cheque books if you are a victim of fraud.


Don’t assume an email or phone call is authentic
Just because someone knows your basic details (such as your name and address or even your mother’s maiden name), it doesn’t mean they are genuine. Be mindful of who you trust – criminals may try and trick you into their confidence by telling you that you’ve been a victim of fraud 


Stay in control
If something feels wrong then it is usually right to question it. Have the confidence to refuse unusual requests for personal or financial information.


For more information about how to protect yourself online visit