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Latest Parish News and Information

Wotter Surgery is closed on Monday 29th May - Bank Holiday.
Waste collection will be one day late due to Bank Holiday.

Shaugh Prior Parish Meeting -
The next meeting of the Parish Council is to be advised.

General Election:  8th June 2017
You can register to vote online - last date to register is 22nd May.
If you have already registered for local elections on 4th May, you do not need to re-register.

You can request a Proxy or Postal Vote. see www.yourvotematters.co.uk
Applications must be submitted by 5.00pm 23rd May for postal votes.
Applications must be submitted by 5.00pm 31st May for proxy votes.
Local Polling Station is Shaugh Prior Recreational Hall.

Portworthy Community Benefit Fund
£5,000 is available to support projects which support the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the community.  Grants can be for projects from £500 - £1,500.  There must be a clear community need and priority will be given to projects which reduce carbon emissions and/or fuel poverty in the local area.

Free and Impartial Energy Advice Drop in Sessions

Community Energy Revolution Public presentation evening, 5th July

To celebrate Community Energy Fortnight, South Dartmoor Community Energy (SDCE) invites you to join them on the 5th July, from 7-8.30pm in Ivybridge Library for an introduction into the community energy revolution that’s happening all around us.

Community Energy Groups across the South Hams are actively helping residents to engage in energy generation projects, as well as helping them to save energy and money in their homes. Their work takes place against a challenging political backdrop and within a complex energy sector that’s currently dominated by big players.

The evening will include presentations from sector specialists Regen Southwest, Plymouth Energy Community and SDCE and will explain how communities are taking control of local generation and reaping the benefits of doing so. Community share offers will be explained, there will be a question and answer session and a chance to put forward your thoughts on local opportunities for renewable energy projects.

Other local community energy groups such as Yealm Community Energy will also be present, so please come along and be part of the revolution.

The event is free to attend but please book your place by e-mailing Katie@southdartmoorcommunityenergy.org or calling 0800 112 3044. For more information on SDCE please visit www.southdartmoorcommunityenergy.org

The South Dartmoor Community Energy Advice Team is helping local people save energy and money in their homes.
They are offering free and impartial energy advice to anyone who needs it, and can provide talks to community groups and stalls at summer fetes. 

SDCE is keen to hold drop in sessions in Lee Moor, Wotter and Shaugh Prior and welcomes suggestions for suitable locations or events to attend.  

Contact us on 0800 112 3044  
Our Advice service is funded by the Big Energy Saving Network, Devon County. Council,
Devon Community Foundation and the Naturesave Trust.

Shaugh Prior Primary School

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Summer Fayre

Please note a very important date - Friday 14th July - the first Shaugh School Summer Fayre.
from 4-6.30pm.  Please ccontact Vicky Dann (07970 596171) if you would like to hire a stall for £10 or if you know anyone who might like to do so. 
Please look out for more details coming soon!

Change of Doctor at Wotter Surgery:

"With effect from Monday 3rd April 2017 Dr Richard Perrett will be providing a General Practice service from this surgery.

Dr Perrett is only based at Wotter, for the Wotter patients and will work from Wotter on Mondays and Thursdays, enabling patients to book their appointments with the same doctor.
Wotter surgery is open for all appointments, prescriptions, results and medical queries between 8.15am and 3pm. Patients registered at the Wotter Surgery will be able to book appointments in clinics on Mondays and Thursday between 8.15am and 11.30am.

For urgent medical advice or appointments on the days Wotter is closed, the access surgery will be Plympton Health Centre. This centre is open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm with extended closing times operating on Mondays, 8pm and Thursdays 8.30pm.

Patients will be able to collect their medication and prescriptions from Wotter practice after 12.30pm, and can continue to access a GP appointment at any of our surgeries.

We hope that these changes will improve the continuity of service our Wotter patients receive.
For more information, or to discuss, contact Liz Hutchins - Operations Manager."
Beaconmedicalgroup@nhs.net or 01752 348884

Monday 17th April        -    Surgery closed
Monday 1st May            -    Surgery closed
Monday 29th May            -     Surgery Closed

Nurses will now alternate on a weekly basis.

So there will be a practicing Nurse every other Monday
and there will be a Health Care Assistant every other Thursday

So when there is no practicing Nurse, on a Monday, there will be a Health care Assistant Nurse on a Thursday
and vica versa.

Out of Hours Doctors Number: 111 - Devon Doctors.

You can sign up for on-line services, but a photo is now required to set it up. (Pop into surgery to show photo).

Defibrillators are located at Lee Moor Public Hall,
Shaugh Prior Recreation Hall or
Outside Wotter Surgery

If you suspect a heart attack, Please call 999. The
Operator will then provide you with the code required to access the defibrillator and assist you in its use.

Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum

Update: 23 May : A lamb has been run down near D Skelleys Farm.  It is clearly a long wheel based lorry, that has not stopped, and the graphics are horrendous. Far too awful for me to publish.  Poor lamb.

Despite efforts to slow down traffic with our Sheep Signs - sorry to say that those very signs have been vandalised by a vegan group.  We apologise for the foul language they defaced the signs with,  they will be fixed.

It seem some people have totally misunderstood the message.

Total Sheep and Lambs death tally : 10

We have permission to paint the dull old granite Bus Shelter with Sheep to highlight the fact that sheep are grazing freely on the unfenced roads.  The artist will be Christine Pascoe who is well known locally for her water colours.  Although the background appears rather 'blue' at the moment, it is not yet finished.  It is hoped it will be quite a feature on completion and cheer things up for the schoolchildren when waiting for their bus. 

We have written a lengthy email to M-Way transport Dpt. asking them to instruct their Drivers to reduce their speed and be watchful for the livestock.  We shall also be writing to Sibelco asking them to remind their drivers to reduce their speeds. 10 animals mostly lambs have been killed and it's only the middle of May.

Please Drive with Moor Care and set an example.

Shaugh Prior Parish Council P.Office


Open Mondays and Thursdays from 10am until 12:15pm in the lounge at the Moorland Hotel.
So let us all support it.  Dont forget you can do Banking, get cash, get stamps, pensions and ....

You can withdraw money, pay bills, pay in cheques with a paying-in slip, as well as all the other valuable Postal Services which the Post Office provides.

Other Local Post Offices Times:


Monday        1.00 - 4.30pm

Wednesday   9.30 - 2.00pm

Thursday      1.00 - 4.30pm

Shaugh Prior Parish Council

 For those who don’t see their role on the stage - go along and offer your services back-stage!


Change of Local Bus Services

Following the County Council's review of supported bus service commitments, Devon County Council have approved changes to a number of bus services across the County which includes the no 59 service operated by Target Travel which currently serves this Parish. As from the 20th September 2015 the frequency of this service will reduce from 7 journeys per day to 4 and the new timetable as follows:

GEORGE JUNCTION Park & Ride  -  0930  1220  1520
SHAUGH PRIOR White Thorn Inn  0705  0948  1238  1538
WOTTER  0710  0953   1243   1543
LEE MOOR Clearview   0716   0959  1249  1549
PLYMOUTH Royal Parade  0808  1052   1342  1642 

For the return journey
PLYMOUTH Royal Parade A9   0811  1105   1405   1735
LEE MOOR Clearview   0859   1153  1453  1823
WOTTER  0904  1158   1458   1828
SHAUGH PRIOR White Thorn Inn  0909  1203  1503   1833
GEORGE JUNCTION Park and Ride  0924  1218   1518  1848

If you require further information then please contact devonbus@devon.gov.uk

Devon Mobile Library Dates for 2017

The dates upon which the Devon Mobile Library will visit the Parish of Shaugh Prior from Jan 2017 have now been published and are as follows:-

 Jan 27
 Feb 24 Mar 24 Apr 21
 May 19
 Jun 16 Jul 14 Aug 11
 Sep 08
 Oct 06 Nov 03 Dec 01

The arrival and departure times are the same as the current arrangements which are as follows:-

Shaugh Prior Primary School: arrive 09.45 - depart 10.15

White Thorn Inn: arrive 10.20 - depart 10.50

Lee Moor: arrive 11.05 - depart 11.35

Shaugh Prior Parish Council neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch -  Local Crime Report for April

Contacting Police – did you know that you can email the police so instead of using the 101 telephone number…you can use  101@dc.police.uk  mailto:101@dc.police.uk

Please note that crime figures for the Parish are down from the year 2014/2015 which is of course good news.

A new Sgt. has been appointed who is Sgt. Andrew Woodward, and he will be joining the police team in the next month.

Jim Brokensha (our local PSCO) has left, and he will NOT be replaced.  The other three PCSO’s from the Neighbourhood Team will step in and assist if needed, (so I am told)....otherwise it is just PC Tamsyn Dingley.  Jim is sadly missed here at Shaugh, Wotter and Lee Moor.

Crimes reported 30th April 2015 to 30th April 2016 = 30
Crimes reported 1st May 2016 to 1st May 2017      = 14

Neighbourhood Beat Manager : PC 6350 Tamsyn DIngley
Neighbourhood PCSO : VACANT
Neighbourhood Team Leader : Sgt 3109 Woodward
Neighbourhood Inspector : Insp. Tapley

CRIMES: April 2017: 2

1.     9th April - Assault occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.  Victim was videoing bikers in the Clay Pitts when they were assaulted by the bikers as they refused to delete the footage.  No evidence to proceed and no way of identifying the suspects.  Filed.

2.     20th April – Sexual Assault – under investigation / unable to disclose further details.




1.     Fly-tipping is a crime and is going on in our area.  If you witness anything please report it via SHDC or PC Dingley, or myself.  Photos are required.

2.     Ask Ned - this is the Force's non-emergency directory which helps members of the public find answers to their questions. Whether it’s issues around lost property, noisy neighbours, animal welfare or parking.

3.     Devon and Cornwall Alert - this is a two-way community messaging service which helps us connect with our communities by telling them what is happening in your area and allows them to respond directly with information for the police. Anyone can register for the service for free on the Force website.

4.     Scramblers on the Moors, and in the Clay Pitts, is STILL going on, despite Police, the Park Rangers, the National Trust and all three Quarries working together to tackle it.  We hold regular monthly meetings to discuss the problem areas and what else we can do to stop the bikers coming onto the Moors/Quarries.  Your help is required to inform us of the areas they are going and provided any evidence if possible – WITHOUT putting yourself in danger/harm’s way.  Number plates are needed (if any on the bikes) and warning letters to the registered keepers are being sent out in the first instance.

5.     Sheep/Lambs being killed.  There have been NO reports of traffic collisions involving sheep/lambs and so those responsible are not stopping or reporting it to police – which is a crime.  Without the evidence we cannot prosecute.  Speed Watch is ongoing to monitor vehicles speed.  Two regular volunteers and another two just signed up.

Bikers on New Lee Moor - Wolf Mine Road
We have had several reports of how Bikers are using this new road.  The following paragraph is an extract from a Resident reporting the problem.

'Since the new road has opened the noise level we hear from the road has dramatically increased - but our particular concern is motor bike noise. The road is being used like a race track, and Last Wednesday evening around 7pm the noise was so bad we went to investigate and saw 6 owners of super bikes actually using the road as a race track - they were parked up filming each other, and continued this for at least 2 hours. Goodness knows what speed they were doing - it’s a miracle someone hasn’t died yet! '

I have passed this on the Police and the Mine Admin Section.  Trouble is, unless the police are monitoring the area themselves, it is very difficult to get Reg. Nos. and evidence.  The Reg. Plates are usually dirty or are turned upwards.  I imagine its the weekends and evenings.  So be aware.

Speed Enforcement on Dartmoor

The Community Speedwatch team continue to monitor and record the motorists on our Local Lee Moor - Wotter Road.  
Chief Inspector Adrian Leisk reported...” Speed enforcement operation run last Friday on @dartmoornpa resulted in 34 drivers being prosecuted with 71 mph the highest detected speed.

Please help slow down traffic by setting an example.  Oakley Coaches are reporting dangerous driving on Dartmoor and helping with the Dartmoor Speedwatch Campaign.  See the Facebook page: Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum.
4 lambs brutally run over - all near Lee Mill in less than a week.  Please flash oncoming speedsters if lambs/sheep are on roads.

We have written to M-Way Transporters to ask their drivers to slow down and drive with MOOR care.  Have not had a reply - but please report back to us if you see bad driving.  Preferably with Reg Nos. and Time and Date. and dash cam evidence would be amazing.

Talking of dash cams.....
The name and shame this month has to go to a mini driver...She has been reported to us several times.
The report says this car had three very close misses with on-coming cars and a lorry.  The speeds have been recorded and the Police have the footage.

General Election 2017 - Thursday 8th June.  Some info,,,

Have you registered to Vote?  You can register at   GOV.UK - Register to vote  You will need your National Insurance No. and Date Of Birth.
If you are not registered to vote, you will need to register by Monday 22 May 2017 to vote at the general election.
If you are already registered to vote or applied to register to vote before the deadline for the 4th May local elections, you do not need to re-register to vote.

Apply for a postal or proxy vote
To apply to vote by post please complete and return a  Postal Vote Application Form [70.84Kb] online at South Hams District Council.
The last day to apply for a postal vote is 5.00pm Tuesday 23 May 2017.

To apply to vote by proxy please complete and return a Proxy Vote Application Form [180.46Kb] online. (SHDC).
The last day to apply for a proxy vote is 5.00pm Wednesday 31 May 2017.

You do not need a polling card as long as you are registered.  Our Local Voting Station is Shaugh Prior Recreational Hall.

Drakelands Mine Update for May...For those interested parties...

Dear Resident
Following my update in March 2017, I would like to provide you with a update with regards to low frequency noise (LFN).
In my previous update I advised Wolf continues to work on options to reduce the generation of low frequency noise emitted from the operation.
A meeting between Wolf, technical consultants, contractors and the Environment Agency took place at the end of February.  A number of items were agreed during the meeting:
Works to date have focused on 16Hz.  Although this is the root cause, investigation works should review higher frequencies and potential mitigations
Works to date have focused on the building structure. Focus will now be aimed at the screens.
Improvements have demonstrated decrease locally on site but has had negligible impact within the local community.
Investigations will now focus on:
Assessment of the underpans beneath the product screen to establish interaction with generation of LFN.
Assessment of ground borne vibrations, including further site-wide and off-site testing.
Assessment of the Screen motors to see if they can be run in antiphase.
Review options for high frequency Helmholtz resonator.
A number of these items will run simultaneously, and the action plan for completion of all actions is scheduled for the end of August.

General Update
During our quarterly Local Mine Liaison Meeting at the end of February, the Environment Agency asked Wolf to consider the assistance of an impartial mediator with regard to community engagement and the effects of low frequency noise.  I can confirm Wolf are exploring this in detail with Ruth Allington, of GWP, who has been instrumental in assisting the community with regard blasting, and it was felt that this would be valuable given that she has already established relationships with a large number of the local community.  A meeting is due in the next few weeks to scope this further with Ruth and the Regulators and further information will be provided.
I would like to thank our communities for their continued feedback on the effects of low frequency noise experienced by some people.  Feedback can be provided directly to Annie Bent, Senior Community Relations Officer via email at abent@wolfminerals.com.
Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding this or any other operations at Drakelands Mine.  We can be contacted by telephone on 01752 393201 or via email at abent@wolfminerals.com.

May Bank Holiday : Monday 29th May.... Reminder...!

Surgery is closed.
Bin collection will be one day late.

Useful Numbers
Devon & Cornwall Police 08452 777444
Crimestoppers 0800 555111
Dont hesitate to ring 999 if immediate assistance is necessary.

If you have anything to share with us, or you know of something we should be talking about, let us know..
That’s all for now, take Moor Care,
Julia - 07862 237389

New Facebook Group “ Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum” has been formed which has information on livestock and livestock deaths on the moors.
Please go ahead and take a look.  We need your support.