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Latest Parish News and Information

Changes at Wotter Surgery

You may or may not know that Natasha or ‘Tash’ from Wotter Surgery is sadly leaving, and this is a note from her:

"I have been fortunate enough to work at Wotter for a very long time, but the time is now right for me to move on.  The decision has been a tough one to make but it is the right one for me.

I am leaving for pastures new (Livewell) to develop my pharmacy career (Medicines Optimisation).  I will still be living in Plympton so you may still see me around the Ridgeway.

I want to thank you all for welcoming me at Wotter and for being such a fantastic lot of patients, it really has been a privilege to know you and your families.  I will miss you all and wish you the very best for the future.  I won’t be a stranger though, and hope to see some of you at the White Thorn Inn Shaugh Prior when it re-opens!

I want to reassure you that the dispensary is NOT closing and it will be business as usual when I leave at the end of the month”.

The Community all wish Natasha well in her new job, and thank her her care in looking after the patients all these years.

The Great Duck Race

Despite inclement weather, many people turned out for the duck race on Friday.
A grand profit of £145.00 was raised which will go towards refurbishment of Lee Moor Hall.
Well done to Cllr Taffurelli and helpers, who had great fun recapturing the yellow ducks going downstream.

The White Thorn Inn - Shaugh Prior

The White Thorn is due to re-open on Saturday 23rd September.  They have been working round the clock to get the newly refurbished bar open for Saturday.
The neighbours have cut back an overgrown hedgerow uncovering a 19th century granite wall next to the Pub.
Good Luck for the Opening.

Shaugh Prior Parish Council

Free and Impartial Home Energy Advice

Pop in to Speak to a Local Energy Advisor at the drop in Session at the

Moorland Hotel, Wotter.
From 10-12.15 on
Thursday 26th October.

Advice and support on energy bills, smart meters and grants for heating and insulation iprovements.
Bring your latest fuel bill
Home visits can be made to housebound residents.

One Council for South Hams and West Devon
A Proposal for the creation of one new Council for
South Hams and West Devon - Have Your Say
Tel: 01803 861368 / 01822 813648    Email: communications@swdevon.gov.uk

One Council Proposal: Drop-in events:

Come and talk to your local councillors about the proposal to create a new council for South Hams and West Devon.

Have you got a question?  Not quiet sure what the proposal might mean for you?  Or would you like more information before you fill in the consultation survey? 

Please come along to these locations during these times and have a chat:

Below are the events now confirmed for the One Council Consultation

For South Hams:
IVYBRIDGE  -  Open to All
Sunday 10th September   
10-4pm  at  Active Ivybridge

WOOLWELL  -  Open to All
Tuesday 12th September
3-7pm  at   Woolwell Centre

For West Devon:
YELVERTON - Open to All
Saturday 9th September
9-12.30pm at St. Paul's Church Hall

Shaugh Prior Parish Meeting
The next meeting of the Parish Council is Wednesday 4th October at 7.30 pm.
at Lee Moor Public Hall.  Public Welcome

To all Land Owners, and House Owners of land adjacent to Shaugh Common

From Shaugh Prior Commoners' Association

This is a Reminder that it is your Legal Responsibility to keep Moorland Livestock out of your land.

So please check and keep your boundary walls and fences in good condition, and ensure you keep all gates closed if you don’t want uninvited guests.

We are sure you all know this, but we do have occasional problems!

Shaugh Prior Parish Council

Summer is here and so is cheaper heating Oil

This is the time of year when the organised amongst us start to think about winter oil stocks; Summer's is often the best time to buy. Low demand drives prices down.

How it works: You can now sign up to become a member of the co-operative on the Devon Communities Together website in our membership section. Once you become a member you can place your order directly with Affinity normally on the 1st working day of the month and they will add your requirements to the bulk purchase they are negotiating.

There is a minimum order of 500 litres and that unit price will be the same for all orders. Affinity then aims to have the oil delivered to your property within 10 working days of the order being placed.

If you know of people in your community that could benefit from purchasing their oil through a local co-operative, then why not become a Local Co-ordinator and help your community group with their orders. Co-ordinators have free membership of the collective and we support them with promotional material for the scheme.

This scheme is for everybody, but we particularly want to help those on low incomes or who find it difficult to manage their own negotiations.

To find out more about the Devon Oil Collective call Huw on 01392 248919 or visit the Devon Oil Collective page of the Devon Communities Together website.


The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan has now been submitted!

It's an historic day for planners across the three councils; Plymouth City Council, South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council as the entire plan and the thousands of comments have now been sent to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.

The Joint Local Plan looks at every aspect of how we want our city, towns and villages to look and feel for years to come.

To give an idea of the scale and variety of submissions, one development company submitted over 600 pages, a member of the public supplied a detailed comment on more than 50 separate sites, while others submitted petitions. Addresses ranged from owners of country estates to a treehouse dweller. Each and every submission has been recorded.

Organisations from Highways England to parish councils and local community groups all submitted comments across sites and policies from inner city green space to village housing developments.

Deputy leader of Plymouth City Council Patrick Nicholson said: "We face the same demands for better transport infrastructure, more local homes, new employment sites whilst protecting our precious local environment.

"It takes a balanced and sensible approach to development and growth across the area for years to come and congratulations are due to the officers and councillors who have worked so hard to prepare it."

All the submitted documents have now been uploaded at www.plymouth.gov.uk/plymswdevonplan.

It will be up to the Planning Inspectorate to appoint an inspector who will then decide when the examination in public will take place and who will be invited to take part.

Shaugh Prior Apple Celebration - Update

Funding has been awarded for the Orchard ground work by the Portworthy Foundation.  So planning can now realistically begin.  It may be possible that a national civil engineering firm may also help, but the details of this are still being arranged - all good news.

If anyone knows of a local wood turner who could hand craft a suitable artistic sign about 4-6 ft in length for the Communal Orchard please get in touch.
Peter Burkill (01752 839256 or peterburkill@aol.com)

Shaugh Prior Apple Celebration

Shaugh Prior Recreation Hall - Saturday 21st October
11:00-16:00 hrs
Opening by Sarah Chesters (RHS Rosemoor)

Free Entrance.  Come and see our new Orchard.  Meet the Plant Experts. 
Apple Juicing.  Apple-in-Art & Apple-Bake Competitions.  Apple Produce.  Morris Men.  Face Painting.
All things 'Appley' including Food & Cider bar.

19:30-22:30 Dance with Amber Fire Ceilidh Band
Tickets £10 to include a pasty from comptondr@gmail.com

Further Information : peterburkill@aol.com
Sponsors: Balfour Beatty, Big Lottery & Portworthy Community Benefit Fund

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Apple Celebration

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Apple Celebration

Shaugh Prior Parish Council

Neighbourhood Watch Local Crime Report for August

4th August:  Theft from a vehicle at Shaugh Prior Bridge Car Park.  Laptop, Glasses and Jewellery stolen. 

6th August:   Burglary  at The Farmyard Café.

They forced the window and besides cash, charity money, and chocolates being stolen, there were also some expensive tools taken which has been very sad for them.
The suspects car was caught on camera and traced to their home I believe, enquiries are ongoing at this time.

10th August:
Biker left with life-changing injuries.  Emergency services were called at 6.15pm after the single-vehicle collision of a Red Yamaha motorcycle.  The 20 yr old was from Plymouth.  It is believed he was racing with another biker, having raced to the Lee Moor end, then turned around and raced back before the accident.

24th August:  A Driver of a Motor Vehicle which was being driven dangerously at Wotter is under investigation with police at this time.
And recently, a motor vehicle being driven dangerously on the new Road by Wolf, (where the new road meets the old road)  managed to take out two telegraph poles and flipp on top of the very high deer fencing.  Apparently the driver was fine, and is reported to have come from Lee Moor.

Dartmoor Speedwatch Reports one more lamb killed by Lee Moor on Thursday 31st August.  Total now is 30
Speedwatch would like to ask the Driver of Grey Honda Civic Reg: WK60 TZ0 to slow down through Wotter (40 and 30 speed limits, Overtaking whilst sheep in the road was not clever.

Noise Nuisance:  There has been much disturbance especially over the recent Bank Holiday of Farm Dogs Continual Barking,  causing real annoyance to neighbours in the vicinity of Beatland Cross/Kneel Gate area.  If you have been disturbed in this way, please let us know, and maybe the situation could be resolved if the owners realised how it is affecting people.

Contacting Police – did you know that you can email the police so instead of using the 101 telephone number…you can use  101@dc.police.uk 

"Devon and Cornwall Police would like to encourage the public to go online and use the range of ways to find answers to their questions about policing matters or to report non-urgent or non-emergency crime. The 101 telephone line remains available for those who would prefer to use it.
All of the methods that can be used to contact the police in non-emergency situations - asking a question, reporting a crime that has already happened and providing information about a crime or in response to an appeal - can be accessed from the Force website: dc.police.uk/ClickB4UCall.

Neighbourhood Team...
Sgt. Andrew Woodward,  .
Neighbourhood Beat Manager : PC 6350 Tamsyn DIngley
Neighbourhood Team Leader : Sgt 3109 Woodward
Neighbourhood Inspector : Insp. Tapley

Useful Numbers
Devon & Cornwall Police 08452 777444
Crimestoppers 0800 555111
Dont hesitate to ring 999 if immediate assistance is necessary.

If you have anything to share with us, or you know of something we should be talking about, let us know..
That’s all for now, take Moor Care,
Julia - 07862 237389

New Facebook Group “ Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum” has been formed which has information on livestock and livestock deaths on the moors.
Please go ahead and take a look.  They need your support.

Drakelands Mine

Low Frequency Noise Update
04 September 2017

We would like to provide the following update with regards to low frequency noise (LFN).

Work to reduce the emissions of LFN on our surrounding communities continues to be a high priority, with several projects being progressed simultaneously. These projects are at varying stages of execution and a summary of recent progress is provided below:

Screen synchronisation trial – Anti-phase:  The installation on the Floats Screens was completed on Friday 21st August. The system was then tested the following week and initial monitoring results have found to be positive. Further analysis of offsite monitoring data is now being reviewed.  Any feedback on any experienced changes to the nature of LFN would be beneficial.

Enclosure around the product screen: A vendor has been appointed and fabrication has commenced.  There is an anticipated 8 week build time-frame for this and the components are expected to be delivered to site by 24 September.  In the meantime internal assessments are being completed to account for the change to operating practices and conditions.

Active noise control: A trial for this project was completed on Thursday 20th August and monitoring data collected is now being analysed by specialist consultants.

Following the recent LFN community meetings, it was agreed for a LFN Working Group (LFNWG) to be assembled to include representatives from the local community, Wolf Minerals and the appropriate regulators – Environment Agency, South Hams District Council and Devon County Council.  The LFNWG is chaired by Ruth Allington, from GWP, who is providing community facilitation and support in relation to LFN, as well as blasting.  Since 27th June 2017, the group has met twice and information about the group is available on the Drakelands Mine community website  - lfn-working-group.

We will aim to provide regular updates over the forthcoming weeks.
If you have any questions regarding any of the above information please contact Annie Bent, Senior Community Relations Officer at abent@wolfminerals.com.

Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum

Update: 11th September, ... from Dartmoor Speedwatch

32 Sheep and Lambs have been killed on our local roads from Cadover to Lee Moor area to date.

The latest death was near to the Wotter Bus Stop.

This time last year the death toll was nearly 50

See much more on facebook -  Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum

Doctor at Wotter Surgery:

Dr Perrett is only based at Wotter, for the Wotter patients and will work from Wotter on Mondays and Thursdays, enabling patients to book their appointments with the same doctor.
Wotter surgery is open for all appointments, prescriptions, results and medical queries between 8.15am and 3pm. Patients registered at the Wotter Surgery will be able to book appointments in clinics on Mondays and Thursday between 8.15am and 11.30am.

For urgent medical advice or appointments on the days Wotter is closed, the access surgery will be Plympton Health Centre. This centre is open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm with extended closing times operating on Mondays, 8pm and Thursdays 8.30pm.

Patients will be able to collect their medication and prescriptions from Wotter practice after 12.30pm, and can continue to access a GP appointment at any of our surgeries.

We hope that these changes will improve the continuity of service our Wotter patients receive.
For more information, or to discuss, contact Liz Hutchins - Operations Manager."
Beaconmedicalgroup@nhs.net or 01752 348884

Nurse available on alternate Mondays.
Health Care Assistant on alternate Thursdays

So when there is no practicing Nurse, on a Monday, there will be a Health care Assistant Nurse on a Thursday
and vica versa.

Out of Hours Doctors Number: 111 - Devon Doctors.

You can sign up for on-line services, but a photo is now required to set it up. (Pop into surgery to show photo).

Defibrillators are located at Lee Moor Public Hall,
Shaugh Prior Recreation Hall or
Outside Wotter Surgery

If you suspect a heart attack, Please call 999. The
Operator will then provide you with the code required to access the defibrillator and assist you in its use.

Shaugh Prior Parish Council P.Office


Open Mondays and Thursdays from 10am until 12:15pm in the lounge at the Moorland Hotel.
So let us all support it.  Dont forget you can do Banking, get cash, get stamps, pensions and ....

You can withdraw money, pay bills, pay in cheques with a paying-in slip, top up mobile phones, top up gas and electric metres, as well as all the other valuable Postal Services which the Post Office provides.

Other Local Post Offices Times:


Monday        1.00 - 4.30pm

Wednesday   9.30 - 2.00pm

Thursday      1.00 - 4.30pm


Change of Local Bus Services

Following the County Council's review of supported bus service commitments, Devon County Council have approved changes to a number of bus services across the County which includes the no 59 service operated by Target Travel which currently serves this Parish. As from the 20th September 2015 the frequency of this service will reduce from 7 journeys per day to 4 and the new timetable as follows:

GEORGE JUNCTION Park & Ride  -  0930  1220  1520
SHAUGH PRIOR White Thorn Inn  0705  0948  1238  1538
WOTTER  0710  0953   1243   1543
LEE MOOR Clearview   0716   0959  1249  1549
PLYMOUTH Royal Parade  0808  1052   1342  1642 

For the return journey
PLYMOUTH Royal Parade A9   0811  1105   1405   1735
LEE MOOR Clearview   0859   1153  1453  1823
WOTTER  0904  1158   1458   1828
SHAUGH PRIOR White Thorn Inn  0909  1203  1503   1833
GEORGE JUNCTION Park and Ride  0924  1218   1518  1848

If you require further information then please contact devonbus@devon.gov.uk

Devon Mobile Library Dates for 2017

The dates upon which the Devon Mobile Library will visit the Parish of Shaugh Prior from Jan 2017 have now been published and are as follows:-

 Jan 27
 Feb 24 Mar 24 Apr 21
 May 19
 Jun 16 Jul 14 Aug 11
 Sep 08
 Oct 06 Nov 03 Dec 01

The arrival and departure times are the same as the current arrangements which are as follows:-

Shaugh Prior Primary School: arrive 09.45 - depart 10.15

White Thorn Inn: arrive 10.20 - depart 10.50

Lee Moor: arrive 11.05 - depart 11.35