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Shaugh Prior Parish Council

Parish Councillors

Chairman Mr Keith Stone

Hartstone Farm, Shaugh Prior, Nr Plymouth

In 1962 my parents moved from Yeo Farm near Meavy to Nethershaugh Farm. I attended Meavy Primary and then went on to Shebear College. After college I came back to work the family farm with my father(I don't think that this is what they intended!) before taking over Hartstone and Faunstone farms in 1970. I THINK NOW THAT I QUALIFY AS BEING A LOCAL! Having reached an age where I should have more spare time I thought it was time to try to give back something to the Community that has given so much to me. So here I am, here to help you if I can.

Councillor Mrs Catherine Boulting

Birdwood, Shaugh Prior, PL7 5HB

Councillor Mrs Sue Burkill

Mount Clogg, Shaugh Prior, Plymouth PL7 5HA

I have lived in Shaugh Prior since 1980. My children were born here, went to the local school and worked in the local pub! I am now retired having worked at Marjons and at the Plymouth and Exeter Universities. For the Council I take a particular interest in planning. As the only Councillor living in Shaugh Prior village I am often approached about village issues. Please contact me if I can help you.

Councillor Mrs Vivienne Chater

25 Whitehill Gardens, Lee Moor, Plymouth PL7 5JQ

A Cornish maid, uprooted to live in the Midlands for 40+ years, managed a move to Kingsbridge and then 14 years ago came to live here in Lee Moor, a small community with sheep, chickens and ponies invading my garden! For a townie like me this was a big shock! However as a dog-owner (always rescue) I soon made many friends among like-minded people as I roamed around the area. Even though those dogs are long gone I still have a 5-year old rescue Shih-Tzu Bill who likes to think he's a rottweiler protecting me. I cannot walk far these days without help but we manage ok. I have an eclectic background from a strong teaching family yet I followed my mother into nursing, care and the Samaritans. I then took a huge swerve in the path of my life into retail management, interior design architect and then my own little shop in Kingsbridge for the spiritual and healing community. Now established in Lee Moor, I like to think I am approachable; at the beginning of Covid I helped set up a team of volunteers to help in our village as needed and I still collect prescriptions for several folk who cannot get up to Wotter. I am here if anybody wants any help and I know I am a good listener if you want to talk to somebody.

Councillor Mrs Carina McLeod

The Oaks, Wotter, Plymouth PL7 5HP

Councillor Mrs Naomi Proctor

Glencroft, 2 Whitehill Gardens, Lee Moor, Plymouth PL7 5JQ

I have lived in Shaugh Prior for the last 6 years with my husband and daughter, small flock of sheep and poultry. My daughter attended shaugh Prior primary school before moving up to Ivybridge Community college. I am also a member of Dartmoor Speedwatch Forum. Originally from the Isle of Wight, I have always been a country lass and coming from one close Community to another is like home from home and I enjoy helping people out, so if I can be of any help to you, please let me know.

Councillor Mr Adam Sims

The White House, Shaugh Prior, Plymouth PL7 5HB

I moved to Shaugh Prior in November 2021 having lived in Plymouth for over 20 years. I run my own business, working in the sustainable construction sector. I grew up in Cornwall and am a proud Cornishman, I love the sense of community we enjoy in this part of the world and If I can contribute to the community I live in, then that would make me very happy. I would consider myself approachable so if you want to reach out to the parish council I am here to help.

Councillor Mr Barrie Spencer

Councillor Mrs Vanessa Tyler

17 Dartmoor Cottages, Wotter, Shaugh Prior, Plymouth PL7 5HN

Parish Clerk Mr Scott Smy

57 Priory Close, Ivybridge PL21 9JG

If you need to make contact with the Parish Council then please come through me as the Parish Clerk and I will try to help you wherever I can. Thanks.

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