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Shaugh Prior Parish Council

Local Parish News and Information

Shaugh Prior Parish Council Meetings during Covid-19 Pandemic

All Meetings of the Parish Council are held on the first Wednesday of the Month at 7:30pm.

The next meeting will be held at the Lee Moor Public Hall on Wednesday 1st Decembe 2021 @ 7:30pm.

If you have any queries or have any issues you would like the Parish Councillors to take up, please contact the Parish Clerk.

If you wish to join a meeting please contact the Parish Clerk Mr Scott Smy, giving 24 hrs notice.

Xmas Coffee Morning 

At ShaughPrior Village Hall on Saturday 4th December. From 10:30-12:30

Teas, Coffees, sausage rolls, Mince Pies, Cakes etc.

Everyone welcome.  Please come along.

Ivybridge Mobile Library :  Village Stops and Times

Dates: Calling on Fridays:

Jan 21.   Feb 18.  Mar 18.  Apr. 8   May 13.  June 10.   July 8.   Oct 28.   Aug 5.  Nov 25.  Sep 2 & 30th.


Shaugh Prior @ White Thorn    Arrive: 10:20   Depart: 10:50

Lee Moor   Arrive 11:05   Depart: 11:35

Tungsten West Ltd - Hemerdon Mineral Processing Plant & Mine Waste Facility Permit Application

Consultation closed

Tungsten West Ltd have applied for two environmental permits to operate a mining waste facility and mineral processing plant at Hemerdon Mine, Drakelands, Plympton, Devon PL7 5BW. We held a consultation to seek your views, which opened on the 1st October 2021. This consultation has now closed.

We have received a number of responses to this consultation. We will now begin to assess the permit application which will include consideration of all relevant comments received. This work will need to be scheduled alongside the other permit applications we are assessing across England. You may not hear from us while we carry out this work, but we will let you know as soon as we have any more information to share.

How do we assess a permit application?

When we assess a permit application we check that the operator will use all the appropriate preventative measures, and Best Available Techniques, so that no significant pollution is caused. We review the design of the proposed facility, how it will be operated, the emissions it will generate (to air, water and land) and whether it will have any significant impacts on people living nearby and natural habitats.

We will also consider all the relevant information and comments you have sent to us during the consultation, to ensure we consider all the issues raised. We may need to request further information from Tungsten West Ltd.

What happens when we make a decision?

If we decide that the application has provided sufficient information for us to determine that the facility will not cause harm to the environment or people's health, we will produce a draft decision document and draft permit. The decision document will explain how we have reached our decision and how we have used the relevant information and comments you have given us. It will also show how we have used any additional information provided by Tungsten West Ltd that we have requested during the determination, if there was any.

If we think we may ('minded to') issue the permit, we would hold a second consultation. This will give you the opportunity to examine and make comments on our draft decision document and on the conditions we are 'minded to' include in the draft permit. We will consider relevant comments before making our final decision.

If we decide to refuse the permit, we would not hold another consultation. Tungsten West Ltd would have the right to appeal this decision.

How can I get further information?

For general information about our permitting process please see our Citizen Space page:

Environmental permits detailed information:

Council News - Mobile Booster Scheme Available

Council News

View web version

26 October 2021

Mobile Booster Voucher Scheme

Connecting Devon and Somerset

Do you live in a rural community? Do you have poor indoor mobile coverage? If so, then this voucher scheme may be of interest to you.

Connecting Devon and Somerset have a scheme, funded through the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership’s (HotSWLEP) Growth Deal, which allows businesses and households to apply for an £800 voucher which can be used to buy a mobile signal booster from a registered scheme supplier. The booster will in turn help to improve indoor mobile coverage for the premises in question by improving 4G coverage.

It is up to the applicant to research which of the suppliers can install in their area and which one is best to go with for their specific needs. Getting in touch with the supplier directly to redeem the voucher and have the equipment installed at the premises.

To find out more from the Connecting Devon and Somerset website and to apply using their application form, please click here.

Click here to find out more

Temporary Traffic Restriction

Lower Hill to Port Lane, Shaugh Prior

On Monday 24th January 2022 for max 5 days.  Anticipated finish Monday 24th January 2022.

Roads affected:


The alternative, signed, route for vehicles will be via -





This temporary restriction is considered necessary to enable -



Better Broadband - From South Hams District Council

Please register your interest at

Broadband Poster South Hams D.C.

New Funding Opportunity

Apply today for funding to support those who are self-isolating

We're pleased to be working with Devon County Council on this new funding opportunity, which we hope will be of interest to many of our members, partners and supporters...


Devon County Council is launching a new fund to help community organisations provide practical, social and emotional support to Devon residents self-isolating due to COVID-19.


The grants of up to £5,000 for small projects and £20,000 for larger projects can be used to help those self-isolating with things such as:

  • caring responsibilities
  • accessing food and other supplies
  • practical tasks such as dog walking
  • mental health and wellbeing support to address things like loneliness and boredom

Groups can also use the money to improve their community’s awareness and understanding of the government’s self-isolation rules, including when you need to self-isolate, how long for, what it involves and why it is a vitally important part of slowing the spread of COVID-19, as well as what support is available.


Further guidance and application criteria can be found by clicking the link below. If you have any questions at all, including if you have an idea/project that doesn't appear in the criteria but still contributes to COVID-19 containment, prevention or understanding of self-isolation, please contact us at

Click here for full guidance and to apply

Temporary Road Closure for Wednesday 8th December

From Brag Lane, Shaugh Prior, Junction Road from Crossgates Cross to Beatland Corner

See below for details & alternative routes for vehicles.

Download details of Temporary Road Closure

Temporary Road Closure for Thursday 9th December

From Tweenaways to Park Lane, Wotter

See below for details & alternative routes for vehicles.

Download details of Temporary Road Closure

Woolwell to the George Road Improvements - Cllr Barrie Spencer.

Although the consultation period has gone, your comments and view will still be taken into account

Please respond and take advantage of getting your points across to Plymouth City Council

"As you are probably aware there has been much discussion in Plymouth about an improvement to the ‘Woolwell to the George’ road (A386).  This is one of the most congested roads in Plymouth and is renown for delays, traffic jams and the frustration of around 30,000 motor vehicle movements PER DAY!

 Plymouth has long discussed the upgrade and this is inextricably linked to the Barwood development of 2,000 homes in the western edge of my Ward.  The JLP has clearly identified the area as development land so I feel that it is not a question of if the development proceeds rather when.  With that in mind the my Woolwell Ward colleague and myself sought a meeting last week with the decision makers in Plymouth once we became aware of some consultation that they were carrying out.  The major problem was that they were only consulting within the Plymouth boundaries and Woolwell itself.  By their own admission they had failed to consider any wider consultation.

 The thrust of our meeting with PCC was this failure to consult on such a wide reaching subject; one that has such a critical impact on so many in the area.  The whole project will have implications to Shaugh Prior, Wotter, Lee Moor etc as well as Cornwood, Lutton and beyond.  It also has an effect on Tavistock, Crapstone, Buckland Monochorum and just about anywhere in the Plymouth Travel to Work Area.  It is clear that had this meeting not taken place there would have been no wider discussion.

 The traffic numbers mentioned in the literature are 30,000 vehicles per day.  This is going to increase substantially when the Barwood development is carried out.

 Now is your Parish’s chance to get involved.  I would even say that it is vital that you do so.  This is clearly important to us all.

 As a direct result of our intervention PCC have set up an email address for you to use.  The idea is that you can express your views, questions, concerns etc directly to PCC  and we have been assured that they will respond.  You can feedback using the methods indicated in the leaflets or you can communicate directly using:

 It would be a great shame if we did not take maximum advantage of this opportunity especially since it has taken some considerable effort to secure the line of communication". 

Thank you.

SHDC Garden Waste Collection Suspension

Alert - Vaccine Passport Scams

Action Fraud has received over 700 reports from members of the public about fake emails purporting to be from the NHS. The emails claim to be able to provide people with a “digital passport” that “proves you have been vaccinated against COVID-19”. These emails are fake, and the links within them lead to genuine-looking websites that steal your personal and financial information.

How to protect yourself:

In the UK, coronavirus vaccines will only be available via the National Health Services of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. You can be contacted by the NHS, your employer, a GP surgery or pharmacy local to you, to receive your vaccine. Remember, the vaccine is free of charge. At no point will you be asked to pay. The NHS will never ask you for your bank account or card details. The NHS will never ask you for your PIN or banking passwords. The NHS will never arrive unannounced at your home to administer the vaccine. The NHS will never ask you to prove your identity by sending copies of personal documents such as your passport, driving licence, bills or pay slips.  Your vaccination status can be obtained for free through the official NHS app, NHS website, or by calling the NHS on 119.

How to report scams:

If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, hang up. If you are suspicious about an email you have received, you can report it by forwarding the email to: Suspicious text messages can also be reported by forwarding them to the number: 7726 (it’s free of charge).

If you believe you are the victim of a fraud, please report this to Action Fraud as soon as possible by calling 0300 123 2040 or visiting

Clayworks Community Wind Farm - Steering Committee Update - 11th August

please use link below for latest information on the Steering Commitee and how to join.

Download details of how to join Steering Group Committee

Dartmoor National Park Authority - Planning

Due to a higher than normal volume of applications and business requests as people begin now to make home  improvements driven by the peak in the housing market, many simple enquiries can be answered on our FAQ page.

"If you have any questions please do look there first, and please encourage others to do the same. If you still need to contact us please be aware that mornings are normally our busiest time. You may find it easier to call us after the lunch period. We of course are keen to maintain communications with you around applications in your area, and appreciate your patience".

National Park plea in bid to tackle strangles in Dartmoor ponies

People are being asked not to touch or feed Dartmoor ponies following confirmed cases of Strangles.

Action is being taken to monitor the many ponies that have the infection on the commons.


Dartmoor National Park Authority, Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society and the Dartmoor Commoners’ Council are urging people who might be walking on Dartmoor to do their bit and help reduce the spread by keeping away from ponies.

Their call follows a plea issued by Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust after the outbreak was confirmed.

Horse riders are also asked to avoid the Haytor area where cases have been confirmed.

Strangles is one of the most common diseases diagnosed in horses worldwide. It is a highly contagious disease caused by a bacteria that can be easily spread directly through horse-to-horse contact and indirectly through human contact such as clothing and boots.

While strangles is not spread through the air (airborne), bacteria can spread when a horse with strangles coughs or snorts. Moorland ponies are robust and generally recover within a few weeks.

Dartmoor Livestock Officer Karla McKechnie said: “We are aware that, unfortunately, a number of ponies have Strangles. Infected animals are being monitored by their owners and myself to help contain the spread.

“We’re asking people to avoid feeding or touching animals; this will help prevent any spread between ponies and keep them safe and well.  

 “We’d also like to remind people that feeding ponies is directly linked to pony-related road accidents because it encourages them nearer the roads. Admire from a distance, but please don’t touch them.”

Anyone with specific concerns about the welfare of grazing stock on the access land on Dartmoor can contact Karla McKechnie the Livestock Protection Officer on 07873 587561.

Running Event on Dartmoor National Park - 12/13 Nov 2021

accessing through our Parish to Cadover to Yelverton.



Event reference 2021-027

Name of Event Dartmoor Way 100 and 50

Date(s) of Event 12/11/2021 until 13/11/2021

Number of participants 100

Timing of your event New event Weekend

Type of event Running

Car parking details OCRA Okehampton and private field in Scorriton

Overnight arrangements: Camping is available to all participants at OCRA

Sanitary arrangements: To be arranged at Buckfast, Haytor, Manaton, Chagford, 

Belstone, Lydford, Yelverton, Cornwood and South Brent

Additional information: Dartmoor Way 100 - Starting 12/11/2021 at midday from the 

OCRA Pavilion in the Park, Okehampton and finishing midnight 

13/11/2021 (this is the final finish time).

Dartmoor Way 50 Starting 13/11/2021 Starting at 08.00 and 

finishing at midnight. Event start - Scorriton

No route markers will be used,  GPS tracking in place. Route will 

be run anticlockwise. Overnight our paramedics will be moving 

around in case of need and the runners will be GPS tracker so 

we know where they are at all times

Participant numbers are not expected to exceed 60 across both 


Planning Application - Higher Bughill Farm, Shaugh Prior

SHDC have received a planning application for the retention of two mobile homes providing accommodation for farm workers

Reference:    1911/21/FUL

Site Address:    Higher Bughill Farm Bungalow, Plympton


Information about this application can be found by following the link below.  You can also submit your comments using the same link.

South Hams Waste Update -

South Hams Waste Update - 
Clearing up the confusion

Waste Boxes

We know that there has been a bit of confusion over what we're asking each of you to do with your waste and recycling.

We have set up a new page on our website that explains the current situation with the service, clarifying the difference in the three ways we're currently picking up your waste and recycling and what you need to do with your waste, including food waste.

On this webpage, you can enter your postcode to check if you're on the new co-mingled service - where your recycling will be mixed together in the collection vehicle but separated at a local sorting facility.

You can visit the new webpage by clicking on the link:

Notice of Election Right

Planning Application at 2 Old White Thorn Cottages, Shaugh Prior

Proposal for Garden studio, store and shed and roof solar panels.

Application No. 0173/21

The link below will take you to the search Applications section of the planning website where you can follow the prompts to view the documents. 

Planning Application at Lee Moor. 

To permit continued use of land at Lee Moor Clay Works for import, storage & treatment of wast materials.

The letter giving approval for the above, and associated conditions of approval can be viewed below.
pages 1-4

Download Letter of Approval and Conditons (pdf) 

Shaugh Prior Recreational Hall

The Village Hall has re-opened its doors after closure during Covid Pandemic.  Everyone is welcome to join the Coffee Mornings held on the first Saturday in the month.  it will be a great opportunity to meet up with the Parishioners after such a long time and meet new friends.

The Silver Threads lunches on the first Friday in the month have resumed.  Please find who to contact in the list of organisations section of this website.

Parish Defibrillators:

There are three Parish Defibrillators for medical emergencies.Each village has one installed and they are checked and monitored regularly by our Parish Councillors.

Wotter - in the red Telephone Kiosk near new Bus Shelter in middle of village.

Shaugh Prior - on the wall of the Village Hall.

Lee Moor - on the wall of the Village Hall.

To Access Defibrillators

The Defibs in the three villages carry the access code on the front.  Enter this to take the defib to the patient.

You can ask a helper to fetch the Defibrillator.

If you know how to administer CPR, attend to the patient until the helper has returned with the Defibrillator.

When the Defibrillator arrives, open it and switch it on.  It will give very clear instructions on how to use it.

At no time leave the patient unattended until the emergency services arrive.

Community response to the climate emergency?

Background Information regarding the feasibility of a Wind Turbine project at Lee Moor can be found by using the following link:

Claypits Communication Update

Climate Action

Devon Energy Link

Devon Energy Collective CIC (DEC) is a not for profit community interest company set up by a network of community energy enterprises across Devon to help Devon transition to net zero by helping communities to respond to the climate emergency.

New Recycling Service  Missed Waste Collections

Due to complications delivering this new service, missed collections are commonplace in our rural areas.

Please report your missed collections on the South Hams website portal:          

and also to Cllr Barrie Spencer.

Shaugh Prior Parish Council new recycling service

When your containers arrive, your new service will start on your next collection day


Your new containers will be delivered the week before your new service starts - your recycling will then be collected every week, however there have been major difficulties in delivering this service and FCC contractors for SHDC have issued an apology to residents and are undertaking changes to rectify the situation.

Plant a tree in 2021!

People in the parish are being urged to join thousands around the UK and plant a tree in 2021.

The community is hoping to kick start a local tree planting initiative with a new online survey aimed at identifying areas suitable for tree planting and individuals interested in getting involved.

“Planting a tree is an extremely positive move to fight climate change, improve biodiversity and soil quality and enhance the beauty of the countryside,” said Nick Wassell, Chairman, Shaugh Prior Parish Council.

“In 2021, we’re looking to work with the local community to plant more trees for the benefit of our area and our planet.

“The survey is a starting point, allowing us to determine which areas of land in the parish might be suitable for tree planting, whether that’s someone’s garden, field or a public space.

“Once we have this information, we’ll be looking to identify funding and partner organisations to help us increase the number of trees in the locality.”

Tree planting was one of the key initiatives identified by the Shaugh Prior Climate Emergency Group, which was formed in early 2020 to plan local activities to help address the climate emergency.

Complete the survey

As a first step, anyone wishing to get involved with tree planting in the parish is asked to complete the online survey at

Coronavirus updates

if you wish to undertake a lateral flow test you can use the following link:

Shaugh Prior Parish Council

Self-isolating and testing for coronavirus

If you develop any of the symptoms of coronavirus (high temperature, new continuous cough, loss or change in sense of smell or taste), you must follow the government guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection.

This includes booking a free NHS swab test immediately to check if you have it, and self-isolating until you get the results.

You should also make sure you are familiar with how the NHS Test and Trace service works if you test positive for coronavirus or have had close contact with someone who has tested positive.

Help is at Hand

Shaugh Prior Parish Council

With news of record redundancies in the UK during the three months to September, we want to let you know about what support is available if you’re worrying about money.

It’s reported that companies have made more workers redundant in anticipation of the end of the furlough scheme, initially due to end in October, but now extended until the end of March 2021.

Over the summer at least 30 per cent of Devon's workforce were furloughed and the number of people in the county claiming Universal Credit has gone up by 155 per cent since March.

If your income has changed and you’re struggling to pay for basic household essentials, we’ve made money available via local District Councils to provide small emergency grants to people in financial hardship as a result of COVID-19.

The funds can be used for different things such as access to emergency short term support through shopping vouchers, utility top ups, paying for essential travel needs or essential advice and support services.

We've also published information on our website about financial help in your local area, including links to national support and information on what to do if you were employed but have now lost your job.

Please keep me informed

Devon County Council

Help available to pay for basic household essentials

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to put a huge financial strain on some people. Employment situations are changing rapidly and for some their income now no longer covers what they need, or they have lost their jobs completely.

Help is available. If you, or someone you know, is worrying about money and how to pay for basic household essentials, please apply for extra assistance through funding that we have made available via your district council's hardship fund.

To find out more about what support is available in Devon, including how to access local financial support, where to find foodbanks and community larders, free meals during the school holidays and what to do if you’re on a low income and need to self-isolate,  please visit our website.

We are continuing to work with district councils to ensure hardship support is available to vulnerable children and families in Devon this winter. And this week we pledged extra funding to ensure no child goes hungry.

 You can read the full story on our news centre. 

Please keep me informed

Community Issues

Report It : Can I remind residents that if you have issues relating to dog fouling, noise nuisance, missed bin collections, pot holes etc you can report it direct to SHDC direct through their ‘Report It’ facility on their website. You can report things as they occur without waiting for the next Parish Council meeting. Similarly, Parish Councillors can do this on behalf of residents by using the same portal.

Parish Mobile Library - back on the Road from 13th July

The Mobile Library Service resumed Service on 13th July.Calling at White Thorn, and Lee Moor

Here is the Local Time-Table....till end of 2021.


 Village Stop Arrive
 Shaugh Prior
 White Thorn
 10:20 10:50
 Lee Moor
 Lee Moor Centre
 11:05 11:35
 Bickleigh Church 12:00 12:45

If you have any queries on the service, just ring Rachel Gee,Development ManagerLibraries Unlimited  07976 584707

Free Courses
Skills Toolkit:

The Government has added a further four courses to The Skills Toolkit, which allows people to access free, high quality online courses in digital and numeracy whilst at home.

The new free courses are an introductory course from Microsoft on using Microsoft Outlook, an introduction to bookkeeping from the Open University and an introduction to finance from independent training provider Corndel, plus an advanced course on how computer networks operate from the Open University in collaboration with Cisco.

The Skills Toolkit is available to everyone and has a range of courses from introductory to more advanced levels. These are skills that are sought after for many types of jobs, with 82% of job vacancies requiring digital skills.

Explore free on-line courses

The Shaugh Prior Community Fund

This fund has been established to provide funding and support within the Parish.It is now available to Individuals who are facing Hardship and need that extra help.If you know anyone who could take advantage of this Fund please make the Parish Clerk aware

Pease email the Parish Clerk for further information and an Application

The Newnham Solar Fund continuing to offer grants to Shaugh Prior groups and individuals. If any group is particularly effected by the current situation then they can apply for a grant on one of the forms which can be downloaded from the web link below:

If anyone wishes to discuss whether they might be eligible please ask them to contact Katie at or please contact Cllr Sue Burkill who will be happy to help.


Hardship Fund

'Over the last few years we have visited hundreds of householders to help them keep warm and healthy at home. We decided early on in Covid-19 that we were not prepared to endanger vulnerable people and stopped delivering face to face advice.

However, we are still able to provide almost entirely the same level of advice over the phone or by email.

Many more people may find themselves struggling to meet household bills or struggling to deal with unforeseen expenses and so the South Dartmoor Community Energy - Hardship Fund may be relevant to them'.

If you know anyone who needs our help, please encourage them to contact us on 0800 112 3044 or

and quote the Hardship Fund".

Or contact the Shaugh Prior Parish Clerk, or any Shaugh Parish Councillor who will give guidance on how to apply for the Hardship Fund

Help by joining the Climate Emergency Group

Devon County Council and South Hams District Council have declared a climate emergency and many local parishes are doing the same. Now it is the turn for the villages in Shaugh Prior Parish to join in.

A group has been formed which involves people who are interested in helping plan local activities which will help address the climate emergency.  Several ideas for community projects have been discussed, including Tree Planting, Hydro scheme at Shaugh Bridge, Links to Public Transport with Plymouth/Tavistock/Yelverton, Influencing Planning decisions on Dartmoor and South Hams, Design & Implement a community carbon baseline,  working to reduce waste and plastic use, and Biodiversity initiatives - wild flowers and bee friendly environments. Etc. etc.

We are looking for more people to join from all three villages and the outlying farms. It would be great to involve lots of young people of all ages.

so if you are interested please let one or both of us know by contacting us by email4

Sue Burkill Vanessa Tyler

Find out about your own carbon footprint Devon County Council website South Hams website 

South Hams District Council

Reducing Isolation in older people across South Hams Community Companions

The new project known as Community Companions is focused on recruiting volunteers to provide companion support to the most isolated withing their communities.  The Royal Voluntary Service provides all the support and training for the volunteers to facilitate such activity.

Please look at the attached information, and join the project of the support network and help our most isolated residents.  Below is the link...

Download the Community Companions Information

Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Policing team is consists of:

PS 15352  Ryan Canning (standing in for Sgt Rob Wilson who is away for 9 months).
Beat Managers:  PC Charlotte Mathers 11704 and PC Martin Perry 15860

PCSO Andy Potter 30540
PCSO Diana Summers 30318
PCSO Judith Serpell 30478

to report a non urgent crime visit or the contact section of Devon and Cornwall Police website for more options – You can complete an online crime report which is a quick and convenient alternative to calling 101. If you need information relating to a crime or have any other query please email, alternatively you can call 101.

In an emergency always call 999.
Will 999 calls be answered?
Answering calls to the 999 number is a priority and we are making sure that we have additional resilience through training student officers to support our call handlers.  Please continue to dial 999 in all emergency situations.
What is the best way to contact the police at this busy time for non-emergencies?
If possible we would ask that you use the following options before dialling 101 at this busy time.
·  Click before you call – go online at
·  Check if you can find the answer yourself on AskNed
·  Use the online crime reporting form
·  Webchat live with the 101 service (link to this facility at bottom right of Devon and Cornwall Police homepage)
·  Email the 101 service at
·  Calling 101 phone line
If you do need to call 101 about a non emergency, please be aware that it may take longer than normal to answer your call.  Perhaps consider calling at a quieter time of the day, like late evening if it is not time critical.
I have intelligence about a crime – who should I contact?
Please continue to contact the police on the details listed above.  If it is an emergency call 999 or for non emergencies use the online contact options where possible.  
You can also report crime and intelligence anonymously via Crimestoppers either by calling 0800 555111 or by using their online reporting system at
Report an injured or dead animal
Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society: 07873 587561

Please continue to contact the police on the details listed above.  If it is an emergency call 999 or for non emergencies use the online contact options where possible. 

You can also report crime and intelligence anonymously via Crimestoppers either by calling 0800 555111 or by using their online reporting system at

(Directdial: 07525617850


PCSO30318 Diana Summers

Fraud Advice ·Requests to move money: A genuine bank or organisation will never contact you out of the blue to ask for your PIN, full password or to move money to another account. Only give out your personal or financial details to use a service that you have given your consent to, that you trust and that you are expecting to be contacted by. ·Clicking on links/files: Don’t be tricked into giving a fraudster access to your personal or financial details. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text Personal information: ·Always question uninvited approaches in case it’s a scam. Instead, contact the company directly using a known email or phone number.
Police ( Direct dial: 07595 011193) 
email police on